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Tailored holistic therapies/complementary - incorporating crystal therapies to unblock and direct pure energy for revitalisation of well-being - can be used alongside treatments

As a Fully qualified and experienced (AdvdipBACH) Crystal and Reiki therapist, I offer tailored treatments on completion of a consultation.

Using crystals, I aim to attune the balance of an individual's well-being. Our body is a recipient of both positive and negative vibrational energy that are channelled through energy pathways and centres that interplay with our cells, organs, emotions and thoughts. Sometimes these energies can be harmful through carrying too much emotional energy and leaves us in bad health which causes dis-eases. My expertise allows these negative energies to be released and replaced with positive, joyful, love, peaceful energy.

Some of my treatments will incorporate Quantum Touch, which is a method of hands-on healing; either by the client being present or through distance healing.

Each treatment will leave the client feeling revitalised, and a restoration of any dis-ease that is present.

I invite you to book a consultation towards your well-being.


The body has 26 SEL's Whenever they become blocked this will cause pain. Using crystals and their frequencies of pure energy will unblock the appropriate SEL
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Quantum touch healing is where I use my hands to transfer pure energy into areas that need healing
Distance healing is energy that I deliver in absence to the client all that is needed is a completed consultation form and a time to deliver the energy healing
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British Academy of Crystal healing UK

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Complementary Medicine

Alternative Medicine

Anxiety Management

Head Massage

Holistic Therapy

Insomnia Therapy


Panic Attacks Treatment

Stress Management

Distance Healing


Harmonising energy home-office-workplace

revitalising plants

Chakra healing

head/facial massage



Dieting and Weight Control


Mandala -


Great advice on how best crystals can impact your both physical and spiritual states.

Perfect setting for a friendly discussion on my physical and mental/spiritual health. The session was followed on how crystals can address and relieve the aches n pains in my body. Good advice on how best they should be used and how to energise them.
Very good suggestions on how best to meditate to build up my spirituality state; they have helped a lot in making me more focussed and have a much better inner calm and peace.
Thank you Desert Rose for all the help and good advices you offered.
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Professional and attentive

Michelle was very attentive and professional. She created a Mandala to help me progress in my career, and also Harmonised the energy flow in my home office to create a more positive approach and success at work.
I recommend michelle for your crystal therapy needs
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