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Business overview

Demko design and manufacture organic beds, organic mattresses and back care bed-systems. "The Healthy Comfort" concept represents the highest quality sleeping.

Demko has represented the highest quality in luxury bed, organic mattress, bedroom, hotel furniture and orthopaedic bed-system design and manufacturing for over 25 years. The company has won more than 20 design awards and our revolutionary orthopaedic bed-system has been developed and used in spine and sport injury clinics. Our unique bed-system technology has been used in spine hospitals and sport injury clinics for the rehabilitation of recently operated patients with spine and locomotor system diseases. The remedial and preventative qualities of the Demko bed-system go beyond any health benefits of other orthopaedic bed-systems, memory foams or box sprung mattresses. Furthermore, it gives the ultimate comfort for all age ranges.

In addition to the outstanding orthopaedic nature of the Demko bed-system we only use 100% organic mattresses to complete our beds. Our mattresses are 100% organic, they do not contain any metal such as springs or any chemicals such as those found in memory foams. Plus, clinical tests have proven the superiority of their orthopaedic, supportive and durability qualities compared to other mattresses. We use only organic latex, coir fibre, wool and cotton to produce our mattresses.


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Far the best mattress we have ever had!

Demko has a huge knowledge about mattresses and beds and when we decided to change from our traditional mattresses to latex mattress their superior knowledge in comparison to other salespeople we spoke to made a huge difference and gave us the confidence we needed to go ahead with our purchase. We purchased a king size DeLuxe B mattress but held off leaving a review for 2 months so that anyone reading this will know that we still feel the same about the mattress comfort and quality after trialling it for this period as we did after the first night we slept on them. This is far the best mattress we have ever had!
29 Sep 2022
Dear Brygida, Thank you for your feedback, we are pleased to hear that you are satisfied with the mattress. King regards, Demko Team
29 Sep 2022
Dear Brygida, Thank you for your feedback, we are pleased to hear that you are satisfied with the mattress. King regards, Demko Team
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Best mattress we have ever had

I have done an extensive research on organic mattresses and tried couple of them as well. I finally decided to give Demko a try even though I had to order it online which can be a scary matter. I am so glad I’ve done it and got the DeLuxe D mattress in super king size. It is definitely the most comfortable mattress we have ever slept on and my kids love it too. Not only is it a completely organic and chemical free one, it is made in Britain. I would highly recommend the mattress and Demko to anyone. Their customer service was spot on from start to finish. Jennifer was amazing in helping us throughout the process. Their pricing is one of the best I have found for a completely toxin free mattress. The mattress supports our bodies perfectly and it feels like sleeping on cloud. We will definitely be ordering more mattresses from Demko in the future!
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My husband works as a builder..

My husband works as a builder and had been suffering with back, shoulder and neck pain for years. As he was constantly moving in the bed and woke few times during the night we were both as exhausted in the mornings as when we went to bed. Sleeping became a real struggle and we were constantly tired. It has been 5 weeks now sleeping on Demko bed and he is waking almost completely pain free and we both are actually feeling rested!! WOW! I feel so happy that we are sleeping well and are getting much needed rest. The bed-system is amazing and the mattress on top isn't putting out harmful chemicals into our bodies! We would have never thought a bed can make such a huge difference, considering we had been ‘sleeping’ on a top brand sprung mattress before. I wish I purchased Demko bed much earlier!
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Perfectly cool sleep airy mattress

I always had problem with mattresses (specially with memory foams) as they were all too hot for me. Finally I have found Demko's mattress which has perfect air-flow in the mattress as it says on their web site. This makes a huge difference to my nights and days as I wake up much more refreshed. Thank you for the top quality mattress! Johan Holgersson
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My experience

No more back pain since sleeping on Demko C mattress. I’ve long been suffering from back and neck pain. I have tried all sort of pillows and also changed our spring mattress to a Tempur memory mattress but nothing really helped whatsoever...few months ago one of my colleague recommended the Demko mattresses. I have contacted their office and we went through all the options and prices. Already having spent lot of money over the last couple of years on mattresses I was slightly cautious but I took the leap and went for the C mattress.
I’m sleeping on the mattress for almost 2 months now and my back and neck pain almost completely dissapeared! Highly recommended!
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