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Professional, super quality service.

We have been using Deeper Clean for many years. Highly professional, reliable and always go to great lengths to ensure high quality service. Would not hesitate to recommend.
03 Sep 2019
Thanks Gillie.
03 Sep 2019
Thanks Gillie.
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What a disappointment

I made a telephone inquiry asking if this service cleans carpets that have a few make up stains on it, to which in a rude manner, the gentleman answered 'No, because 9 times out of 10 it doesn't come out'. Then, talking over me, he abruptly ended the phone call.

Make-up is a oil-based stain, and yet I was not offered any products, services or advice by this service; yet their website 'claims' the following (a direct quote)...

'Stains tend to fall into two categories. Water or oil based and tend to require different approaches. However Deeper Clean can supply an all in one product that is wool safe and works wonders on both types of stains',
02 Jun 2016
Only recently discovered this review so I thought I would explain to potential clients the other side of the story. Even though it was 3 years ago I can still vividly remember it as it was so bizarre. 'Miss Smith' who I notice has only ever done this one review, wanted me to tell her that I could get a makeup stain out and how much it would be. I told her 3 or 4 times the same thing which is that I'd need to inspect the carpet and stain and find out exactly what 'makeup' it was. She said I can't be a professional if I can't guarantee removal. I said fair enough, I'm in a customers house now trying to clean her carpet so if I can't inspect it I bid you farewell. She continued ranting at me, I repeated what I had said politely and she continued arguing. At this point I cut her off so that I could attend to my client's carpet. I have been in business over 10 years, I have customers that have been with me all that time so I must be doing something right. Mike Deeper Clean
03 Sep 2019
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