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I'm a newborn consultant and infant and child holistic sleep coach. I'm also a feeding specialist and lactation practitioner.

Dawn Grey, one of the UK’s leading Maternity Nurses and Sleep Consultants understands some of the challenges often encountered by new parents.

She provides safe, gentle and effective techniques for helping babies and children to sleep and has successfully helped hundreds of families achieve their goals by implementing research-based, responsive strategies which protect the child-parent bond.

Dawn is a well known and respected Certified Sleep Consultant, Newborn Care Specialist, Lactation Specialist and Night Maternity Nurse with over 35 years of newborn experience.

Dawn resides in Worcestershire and travels throughout the UK and internationally.

Dawn offers personalised sleep training and consulting services to families around the world. Her mission is to help parents feel empowered, reconnected and confident.

Dawn has worked extensively, supporting and nurturing each family she works with combining her training, knowledge, education and experience to provide gentle solutions whilst taking into careful consideration each family’s parenting style.

She understands the many differences and unique qualities that each child brings and always work within the dynamics and comfort level of each family. It is from this place that she is able to offer genuine understanding and support with workable and gentle techniques to help improve any challenging situation.


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Highly recommend

I contacted Dawn about a month ago with sleep struggles with my 6 month old. I’d been having a really difficult time with him as he has been quite a poorly baby which meant he wouldn’t ever really settle in the day, no routine and night time he was up around 5 times per night. I had tried lots of different things with little success and it was getting to the stage during the day I couldn’t put him down meaning i spent little/no time with my 4yo. I reached out to Dawn who has been truly amazing, she worked with me and Theo to create a routine which suited him, within a few day’s his daytime was cracked which made me feel so much better. He’s now like clockwork and also sleeping till 5/6am waking for a feed and sleeping till 7/8am!
I am so grateful for all your help and support and for just being there especially during Covid ❤️ Thank you xx
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The most professional and helpful sleep support!

We first came across Dawn in 2017 when she drastically turned our 5 month old’s sleep around, helped us set up a routine and enabled us to become much more confident parents!

Dawn always caters to the individual situation and strategically helps to find solutions during the consultation and continued support well beyond! Our son has been struggling to adapt to changes since his sister was born 3 weeks ago and once again Dawn came to the rescue! She really does get to know each family and the children in detail! Dawn- your help has been invaluable and we would recommend you to the whole world!! Love you! X
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So grateful to Dawn!

Dawn came to us for an in-person consultation when our 5.5 month old baby kept screaming before naps, and provided follow-up support. We had previously had a maternity nurse in for 3 days which wasn’t the experience we had hoped for, and then Dawn was like a breath of fresh air. She listened to us and got to know our los personality, and provided lots of reassurance and helpful, gentle advice. Most of all this has helped me to feel confident in my instincts as a mum, reconnect with my baby, and enjoy things much more. The screaming has stopped and we’re all more settled. I wish we hadn’t waited so long. You can’t put a price on your sanity! We will be going back to Dawn without hesitation if we encounter any other hiccups.
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Happy Baby, Happy Mama

Dawn has been an amazing support for me as I attempted to get my sleep resistant baby into a routine and sleeping better. He has never slept well prior to having her help so now having my evenings back and being able to eat dinner with my husband has been amazing! The changes I needed to implement were never difficult but so effective.
I can’t thank Dawn enough, she has such a kind and gentle approach which is what I was looking for and I always felt comfortable and confident. I would highly recommend her services :)
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Dawn helped with our 8 month old sleep and settling issues

Dawn is a lovely person who makes you feel at ease instantly. She has a lovely warm, non judgmental approach. We were having some issues with our 8 month old starting to wake in the night and struggling to settle back to sleep after being a baby who sleeps through. After home consultation she highlighted some areas to make changes which we embraced and things began to improve quite quickly. Dawn kept in contact after the consultation to ensure things were ok and to ask any questions needed. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Dawn to anyone needing sleep help. Thank you for your help and knowledge 😊
22 Apr 2020
It’s been and still is my pleasure supporting you and your family Beth. Thank you for the lovely review 😊
22 Apr 2020
It’s been and still is my pleasure supporting you and your family Beth. Thank you for the lovely review 😊
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