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bad impression

I attended this restaurant with my partner and two children having been told it was a child friendly place. We were shown to our table by a very nice young man. However, we noticed that the utensils were a bit grubby and asked for new ones these were replaced without hesitation although not much better. When eventually our food arriived all of it was luke warm to say the least. During this time our children were a bit boisterous but still controllable. However when I came out of the toilet it was obvious the owner /manager didn't realise I overheard him saying to a member of staff that he wished people would leave their kids at home as he's sick of kids running around all the time. At this I went back to the table finished off our drinks, asked for the bill and promptly left. Child friendly I don't think so, we won't be back.
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Friday evening 19th FEB 2010 - should have been a lovely night out at a restaurant.

14 of us turned up on time and were seated by 7.40 pm. We were in a room by ourselves and it was freezing - the radiators were working but unless you were immediately in front of them you couldn't feel any heat -- so we thought 'at least the food will warm us up'. How wrong could we be?

We ordered within about 10 mins - and awaited the starters. After we'd waited half an hour I asked the waitress for some bread - in a surly tone she said 'How much do you want ?'

I asked for 4 baskets - they arrived pretty promptly with one saucer of butter portions between 14 on 2 tables -when the waitress noticed us passing it backwards and forwards she brought another saucer out

50 mins after ordering the starters arrived -- 1 of our group had been forgotten - staff didn't notice and she had to go and ask for starter after 5 mins (it was only bruschetta!)
2 peoples starters were awful - the bruschetta was smothered in an unidentifiable sauce - the sardines were tough and overly smelly.

Once that was cleared - it was 1 hour before mains arrived -staff did come and apologise 5 mins before it arrived (the waitress had removed any remaining bread)

The garlic pizza had no garlic on it - the tuna pizza was again overly smelly - ham and pineapple pizza looked like someone had thrown a tin of pinepple over half of it - none on the other half. My risotto - the rice was undercooked and hard in the middle - chicken overdone and hard, onions underdone.... out of 14 of us only 4 enjoyed their meal - the rest said they only ate it because they were starving!

I discreetly went to the front of house (on way to loo) and explained I'd not be eating mine -- the manager stalked in and removed plate from table in full view of my companions who were still eating. (He did not charge me for the risotto but made me feel very awkward by doing this)

While we were waiting for desserts they were shutting lights off and staff were getting their coats on - (10pm) We had asked our surly waitress what a certain item was and she said it was a big chocolate cake -- so quite a few of my friends ordered them - turned out to be tiny portion of sickly mousse on a biscuit base with sauce on top.
1 of us ordered profiteroles with white chocolate sauce - and they turned up with dark choc on them -- normally she would have just eaten them -- but after the standard so far she decided to send back and ask for white

On their return from kitchen - the first mouthful proved them to be choux pastry balls filled with chocolate ice cream and covered with melted vanilla ice cream as the sauce !

We did actually have a really good laugh together -- the night was so bad it was either that or get really annoyed and spoil our night out

We'll NEVER go there again and would not recommend it to anyone--and to add insult to this they charged us 4.40 for the bread - they should have given us that for having to wait so long in the first place

Oh -- and AFTER we'd eaten I happened to look under the table and the floor was filthy - with rock hard bits of pizza - a dirty knife and a pencil of all things -- had I seen the state of the floor first I probably wouldn't have eaten anything at all

The bar staff were really nice though - even though they were serving cola from bottles of 'Happy Shopper' cola. Emblazoned on the bottle was 35p ! and they were charging full restaurant prices for it!
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Poor pasta and pizzas

Il Forno is situated in the former booking hall of Tynemouth (Metro) Station and this was the most memorable feature of our visit! Sure, they have a pizza oven but the resultant pizzas were nothing short of extremely bland and lacklustre. Our party of four ordered a Calzone and Margherita, and two pasta dishes... pasta with Broccoli
and pasta Amalfi, all with various side salads. The tomato sauce topping the pizzas was very poor and the mozzarella cheese was completely tasteless; the pouring of olive oil over the Margherita was the last straw or maybe the last ditch attempt to add some flavour into this very sad offering.
The pasta dishes were VERY disappointing. The pasta with broccoli consisted of overcooked florets swimming in a milky and tasteless sauce. The pasta Amalfi was similarly disappointing.
If you want Italian food in or around North Shields, I suggest you go to Morrisons and buy their ready meals and 'best' packet pizzas, they are MUCH tastier and a quarter of the price than the sad offerings you'll get at Il Forno.
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