Dance Attic Rehearsal Studios

368 North End Rd, London, SW6 1LY Directions

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Business overview

Good rates for good quality rehearsal space. Excellent variety of dance classes. Great on site Cafe and dancewear shop.

Dance Attic Studios provides rehearsal space for hire to professional companies of all types, within the entertainment industry.

We also offer a range of dance classes including Tango, Foxtrot, Samba, Salsa, Jazz, ballet, tap and modern dance and body conditioning classes.

Please visit our website for our class schedules.

In addition there is a cafe and a dancewear shop.

Also we have a website for our cafe:


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Products & Services

adult dance classes

ballet schools

ballroom classes

belly dancing


dance studios

flamenco classes

hip hop dancing classes

irish dancing classes

jazz dance classes

jive classes

salsa classes

singing lessons

street dance classes


tap dancing classes

voice coaches & drama teachers

rehersal studios for hire

art classes


dancewear shop


yoga classes

zumba classes

capoeira classes

pilates classes

breakdancing classes

argentine tango classes

legs, bums & tums


Not child friendly...... avoid

Thank you to the Dance attic studios very rude receptionist for making my wife cry while waiting for my 5 year old daughter to finish her ballet class.
My 3 year old was crying at the cafe at the reception, but that does not give you the right to shout at my wife, ask her to leave and telling her that you: “are judging her” and “not looking for friends” when she said to you you were not being very nice.
You are not a nice person and to upset a mum in front of her children and humiliate her in front of people is just wrong.
You have taken her name, for whatever reason you thought justified it. But don’t you worry, we are not coming back to a place that employs rude people like you.
You basically said that parents with children are not welcome in a place that runs classes for children.
I am really interested in finding out what the management of the Dance Attic think of this.
Shame on you
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Love it and Them

I did my Third year over at Dance Attic and it became like a second home to me, I love it and the people in it, they're fun and kind but also have limits like all, if you leave later than normal or take time closing, then of course they tell me to hurry up, in a good way of course as they have lives also and i admit once or twice i kinda ran late or over but they understand and i apologize. But all in all its such a good atmosphere and really help you out if they can, they care about you like most people care about them.
Its just brilliant there and fun, all i can say and love it,
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Despicable behaviour from staff!

Awful, awful customer service! We went along with friends to photograph their dance routines. They had hired one of the rooms from 6-10pm to practice for a show they were doing in the weekend. While practicing they lost track of time, which I'm sure happens quite often with all who use the rooms.
As soon as the clock turned 10:05pm the assistants came in with a very bad attitude demanding we leave! One even had the audacity to accuse us of "taking the p***s" while we were packing up!
On the way out they even made sarcastic remarks. One of them was saying "clearly their time is more valuable than mine!"

My friend had been using their studio for years so decided not to say anything and just leave. But I found the assistants/receptionists extremely rude and disrespectful to treat a regular in that manner.

This has to be one of the most atrocious experiences I've had to endure in a professional establishment! Disgusting behaviour!

The staff at Dance Attic need some serious training in customer service and more importantly, some basic manners which costs them nothing.

Will not be recommending this studio to anyone!
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