Cyprus Kebab House

9 Kilburn Lane, London, W10 4AE Directions

Tel 020 8960 4137
   Now closed Open today 12:00 - 01:00


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The Best Kebab Shop in North West London!

The guy who run's the shop is a lovely guy. A real Cypriot, he knows exactly how Kebabs should be cooked, and he's very friendly, chatty, but without being too 'talkative'. His 'Large Chicken Shish Kebab" is my favorite in all of London, but I am biased as I lived for 7 years in the area of Kensal Rise, and his shop was fairly nearby. There are other Kebab shops in the area, especially down Harrow Road, but I preferred his as the meat was always well -cooked, juicy, tasty, and his salad was very fresh. Excellent value for money, considering how much meat/salad/pitta you got. Since leaving London in November 2014, I really miss going to his shop, having a friendly chat, and enjoying the wonderful Kebabs. His other Kebabs were great too, but the Shish was always my personal favorite. Highly recommended!! Nick W
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Fantastic, amazing, wow!
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Standard Kebab shop

'Cyprus Kebab' on Kilburn Lane is your standard kebab shop.
There are a few stools if you want to eat in but it is mostly a take away joint.

I asked for a small mixed donner and was swiftly presented with a generous offering wrapped up in paper "shwarma style" for £3.60.

The Lamb Donner was OK but rather generic tasting. I would bet they do not make it in store. It was not too greasy so seemed palatable enough.
The Chicken Donner meat was fine. It held its own against the stronger tasting lamb.
The salad was noticeably fresh and crunchy. Some small pickled peppers had been stuffed into the kebab, nice ones but I generally have them on the side as I don't eat the stems.
The round pita was good.
The chilli sauce tasted ketchup based but at least was not sweet and the small amount I asked for provided a decent amount of eat.

Service was fast. I imagine the nearby pubs keep this place busy and hence the prompt service AND fresh product.
The end result is an outlet that is above average but not a contender for any place in a "London's Best Kebab Houses" list.
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