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Providing replacement sofa cushions in feather, fibre or foam and covers for the retail and trade from our London Road outlet in Leigh-on-Sea.

——COVID-19 UPDATE—— Hello to all of our customers, we hope that you are all keeping safe during these unprecedented times we are facing during the COVID-19 lockdown.

We just wanted to let you know that we are now fully open in the shop in line with social distancing guidelines but fully open to to produce new cushion covers for Garden furniture, window seats or benches. Anything to do with sitting on we can do it. We are keeping to government guidelines with social distancing through this service. If you are in need of a quote or would like to enquire about getting new covers made. Please enquire at [email protected], call on 01702 482510, visit the shop or message here.

Have you ever wished your cushion inners were delivered in their cover ready for use. We are now offering a service that no other manufacturer offers. We will make your covers to your specifications using your own fabric

We are a family run business with over 35 years experience in the upholstery and soft furnishing industry supplying a wide range of fillings to suit your needs with combinations of feather, fibre and foam. Just click on any of the links on the navigation bar to walk through the range.

In today's internet market and the current financial situation we all find ourselves in, we are constantly striving to be competitive on price, you can rest assured that we will not compromise on quality just to be competitive.

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Open Saturday by appointment only, ring us on 01702 482510 during working hours to book an appointment between 9am-12pm


Transform your sofa by having your cushions replaced. From a tired and old look to a revived and brand new suite. With our expertise we can advise from Foam, Feather and Fibre including Quallofil fillings to suit your needs.
From Garden Furniture, Rattan furniture, Hammocks, Swimming Pool side cushions. All can be catered to at your bespoke choosing. Water Repellent materials available or own fabric welcome.
A photograph sent by a happy customer of their Conservatory Suite with new cushions and inners.
We can replace all brands of sofa with any shape and size. Including the popular Ektorp Two and Three Seater Sofas by IKEA.
Replacement Boat Cushions to any shape or any size to help transform your boat. At a reasonable price we offer a range of Water Repellent Fabrics to aid to keep your boat looking fresh and practical for the open water.
Caravan Cushions and Motor Home Cushions replacement with any shape or size for any needs/. Make your Caravan burst with new lease of life for your holidays for a fraction of the price of a new van.
Window Seat Cushions available at any shape and any size, no matter how big or small. Complete the look in your living room, hallway or kitchen with a Bespoke cushion with a fabric selection to choose from or come with your own if your also require covers.
If your existing Cushion covers are looking old and tired, you can replace them with new covers to transform your sofa. With a fabric of your choice, we can make Bespoke covers with a Zip to create new Seat, Back and Scatter Cushions for your Sofa, Caravan, Boat or Garden. Piping Available.
Bespoke Bench Cushions for your Hallway seating, Breakfast table or for general aesthetic use. If just needing the inners or wanting covers as well, all can be catered to, any shape and any size. Choose from our range of Fabrics or welcome to bring in your own.
Replacement Chair Pads for your Dining Room Chairs, Kitchen Chairs and Outdoor Chairs available. Our Service offers a different choice of filling, a range of fabrics or you can bring your own.
Replacement Dining room chairs catered for, whether fixed or loose, we can provide the inners or covers to revitalise your chairs today. Ercol and Parker Knoll are just some of many names we can cater to at a reasonable price. Any shape or size is no matter.
A photograph sent by a happy customer of their Conservatory Suite with new cushions and inners.
Replacement Qualofill cushions available here.
Reflex Foam Cushions with a wide range of densities, life span and reasonable pricing available. Using Bubble technology, Reflex Foam cushions are a leading brand in the market and perfect for your Sofa Seat Cushions, Back Cushions, Boat Cushions, Caravan, Garden Furniture, Window Seats and Benches.
Replace your Laura Ashley Sofa Cushions today with a wide range of fillings available such as Qualofill Extra Life, Feathers, Fibres, and Foam.
We offer Feather Cushions for that plump soft look to your sofa. If your Replacement Sofa Cushions need that new lease of life our feather cushions will make it look brand new. We also offer a Feather Wrap Foam Core to get stability and the soft look, getting the best of both of worlds.
Replacement Qualofill Sofa Cushions. Retain the plump and springy look to your sofa with the quality seating fibre of Qualofill. Also available is a Fibre Wrap Foam Core for your Replacement Sofa Cushions to get the feeling of Fibre and stability of Foam. Hollow Fibre Back Cushions also available.
We offer a range of Sofa Scatter Cushions from a choice of Feather or Fibre. Also in our range, we offer a Scatter Back for sofas that have scatters as Back Cushions. These Replacement Back Cushions have a foam core inserted for stability and to save the day to day plumping to keep the tidy look
We use Reflex Foam in all of our Foam based cushions, with span lasting from 3-10 years. Using bubble technology, it springs back from any shape to it's original state which offers stability and the luxury of less attention needed to maintain the cushion. Foam can be soft to firm to suit your needs.
V-Neck Fibre Cushions are perfect to saving against neck whilst in bed reading or watching TV and perfect for those long journeys in a Car or Plane.
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Replacement Conservatory Cushions, wide range of fabrics and fillings available to suit your needs. Cane furniture cushions all covered with zips and meet Fire regulations.

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Great service, perfect product.

Replacement cushion for my antique leather Chesterfield. I went for the memory foam with feather topping to replace the sad and flat feather original. Perfect result.
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Five star +++++ cushions

What a wonderful, personal service. A human being at the end of the telephone to offer advice for replacement cushions, that in itself is worth five stars, there’s not enough stars to say how pleased I am with the cushions unfortunately! I was kept in touch via email and delivery was when it said it would be. An excellent company who provide a good product in a polite and friendly way, just as it should be. Perfect. Thankyou.
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Excellent service

Excellent, friendly service, and some expert advice on the right type of replacement cushions. The new cushions (foam core and fibre padding) are a perfect fit and my sofa is transformed. Highly recommended.
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Excellent Customer Service

Cushion Supplier went the extra mile to ensure that my enquiry/problem was dealt with promptly and entirely to my satisfaction. Their service is deservedly - 5 star.
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Top quality work

Just had my sofa cushions re.filled by Cushion Supplier.
This company offers exceptional service, they gave me good advice ,were extremely helpful and the results are perfect.
Service this good rarely seen now …highly recommended.
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