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Cornice Paint Removal, Cleaning and Restoration Experts In business for 35 years

We have been in business since 1985 steam cleaning and restoring cornices and ceiling roses, our business is the first firm to use this unique method of only steam to clean off the build up of paint from plaster cornices in a professional set up, without the use of any chemical paint strippers.

We can repair the cleaned cornices in the same way they where first made, the new repairs always complement original cornicing once they have fitted in to place, once repainted it's very hard to tell where the repairs have been carried out.

All quotations are free of charge, also please note, all cornice cleaning and repair work is always carried out by ourselves and never sub contracted to a third party, we under take small and large contracts.


Look at the detail revealed in this cornice that has been steamed cleaned Cornice Paint Removal
Image of Cornice Cleaning Ltd Cornice Restoration, Repair & Paint Removal
Before painting
Cornice Restoration

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Cornices that are 200 years old look like new. Brilliant job

I would not hesitate to recommend Jason and his team, all the paint has been removed from the cornices without chemicals just steam. They look fantastic, also they where very tidy and completely sealed off the area to prevent damage to anything. Well worth the money, thanks again.
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