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Business overview

Core Chiropractic is a Pain and Prevention clinic in Worthing and Brighton treating neck pain, low back pain, Sports injuries and many types of joint, muscle and nerve conditions

Core Chiropractic practitioners use Chiropractic care combined with Soft tissue techniques and Exercise Therapy to help patients recover from pain and then become stronger and more able to perform daily tasks, whatever they may be.

If you have hurt your neck at work or strained your back in the gym Core Chiropractic can help the initial injury by treating it affectively with hands on therapy followed by potential exercise therapy and further care to help make you stronger, more flexible and less susceptible to injuries in the future.

Contact Core Chiropractic today for your initial consultation consisting of

Chiropractic Treatment


Soft Tissue Massage

Ultrasound Therapy

Sports Taping

Exercise Therapy

All to help you improve and get back to HAPPY LIVING!


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Products and services

chiropractic treatment

massage therapy

sports massage

deep tissue massage

arthritic pain treatment

injury rehabilitation

joint pain treatment

back treatment

migraine headache treatment

muscle pain treatment

pain relief therapy

repetitive strain injury treatment

sciatica treatment

shoulder pain treatment

sports injury clinics

trapped nerves treatment

coccyx pain treatment

Massage therapy

Sports Taping



  • The Royal College Of Chiropractors
  • British Chiropractic Association
  • General Chiropractic Council
  • Sports Therapy Association


Thank to Matthew and David
I saw few times
for treatments and
for massages
They are absolutely professionals and capable.
A great thank to them.
Highly recommend
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Treated my achilles tendonitis
Matt has really helped my issue with achilles tendonitis it took a few treatments but I am now able to run again without constantly feeling pain. Matt put together a treatment plan and made it clear I would also need to carry out easy strengthening exercises at home to speed up my recovery. I now see him about once or twice a month when I feel the pain coming back, but that is probably because I do a lot of high impact classes. I really recommend Matt as he explains the problem clearly and how the treatment process will work.
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I am a very happy client.
Whenever I saw a photo of myself I was always shocked to see that I was stooping. As well as stooping - I was stupid - because I did not do anything about it. Talk about burying my head in the sand, I was - literally.

By chance I bumped into Matthew - he took my picture - standing next to some fancy chart and pointed out what the problem was. "We can sort this out" he said and he did.

Now just a few weeks later my neck, back and shoulders are in much better shape.

Why or why did I take so long to get this little problem resolved!

Matthew really knows his stuff and I can not recommend him highly enough.

Richard Russell (Brighton)
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