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Commtechsoft is an independent vehicle/motorcycle database, set up to prevent illegal moving of vehicles across borders and avoid buying stolen cars or bikes.

Car theft has become a globally pronounced crime as investigation activities and operations concerning vehicle recovery are increasing across borders. The development and improvement of available physical and technological anti-car theft devices and system software have not deterred the increase in the number of vehicles under the clutches of thieves. Recently, top of the range cars have been the favourites of the criminals, and developments indicate that the leading anti-car theft deterrents - police, are handicapped in thwarting the pace of the criminal gangs cashing on the automobile theft. However, the civilisation that encourages and promotes the easy movement of citizens across borders has become a contributory factor to trans-border car theft. It is an observation that no country has prioritised a crime as car theft like immigration crime. Hence automobiles quickly escaped the ubiquitous eyes of the law at sea and land border as human identity is the target of law enforcers.

Protection of life and properties is the primary priority of governments but a fundamental responsibility of the police. In this regard, promoting a crime prevention methodology should be considered citizens' contribution to promoting peaceful co-existence. Such can also be described as allegiance to communities to achieve the general well-being of the populace. Therefore, we urge the moral support of the people by enrolling their vehicles and motorcycles on this database as an obligation to reduce incidents of car theft and the use of stolen cars in organised national and transborder crimes.


Register vehicles to prevent illegal sales
Register Car/Motorbike seller before buying
Report stolen vehicle

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