Clwb Ifor Bach

11 Womanby St, Cardiff, CF10 1BR Directions

Business overview

Independent Underground Music Scence, run soley by its members.


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Live Music Venue

3 Dance floor's


Excellent Service

Smoking Terrace

Outdoor Speakers

Big Screen

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Good alternative fare

Three floors (usually disco-style on the bottom and indie on the top) make for a good night for most tastes.

They do put on some good bands, but if you just wander in off the street expecting to be blown away, you're going to be disappointed no matter where you go!
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There are far too many generic emo bands that play at this club. I do not enjoy the live music at all and that is what this place is made for. It have several levels with comfortable seating and many stages. The drinks are quite well priced but are usually weak and the people there are quite young. There is no sophistication at all and it can be quite tiring. The decor is dull and the staff are too. They send a newsletter that looks more exciting than it is listing loads of unknown silly teenage bands that are absolutely awful live and now worth paying for to see. I unfortunately do no recommend. Also there are often very scary pale 'photographer' kids that do not have a life that sort of stalk and skulk around.
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Clwbing for Dyslexics

Clwb ifor bach (pronounced as far as I am concerned: club eye four back) is another bastion of Welsh nationalism. Most people call it The Welsh Club, but I don’t think this is the correct translation. Legend has it that the bouncers would only let you in if you could answer them in Welsh. Well now all decedents of the Tower of Babel are welcome, although I should qualify ‘welcome.’ The management seems to have a policy of making a big queue form outside on club nights to make it seem more popular, you’ll freeze outside for an hour and then it’ll be empty inside: one-in, one-out indeed! Well when you do get in they’ll be three floors for your dancing delectations. The middle is my fave, cosy and quiet enough to throw some quality moves!
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Bands and booze

Always has a good selection of bands on their listings. If you aren't fussy about what you drink, there are often good offers on lager,beer and shots. Different nights provide different styles of music, but it's best to check with the website or flyers before you go as it varies from softly spoken indie to pounding Drum and Bass. Inside, it's friendly, loud, and can get crowded especially when the large student population return. Look out for Swn Festival in October, as Clwb hosted a lot of the top events last year and provided a great way to end the night.

Also, the rumour that you have to speak Welsh to be allowed in is not true!
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