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Offering bespoke card payment acceptance and banking solutions. City Networks excels in the area of merchant services and finance.

Capturing new business is key to growth, we offer cross channel acquiring platforms utilizing card machines accepting chip and pin technology, as well as offering: Customer not present (CNP) Mail order / Telephone order (MOTO) and eCommerce payment solutions (Ecom) for online businesses including pay-by-link and Virtual Terminals (VT). Never miss a payment opportunity, by offering your customers multiple acceptance methods.


Hire a card machine for your business on a short term basis. No longterm commitments.
City Networks has a card machine suitable for your business. Including Desktop, Wifi and Mobile GPRS connectivity.
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Taking card payments for your business is essential and we have put together a comprehensive support guide to ensure you select the right services and solutions for your business.
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Provide City Networks with your last merchant statement and let us demonstrate just how much you would have saved off your bill, processing exactly the same transactions with City Networks. You will be shocked what can be saved.
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We have Epos solutions to suit every business.
Allow City Networks to complete all your PCI Compliance Attestation with full certification.
City Networks can offer you a merchant cash advance loan facility that is paid back as a small percentage of your card sales volume. City Networks can offer up to 3 times your monthlyturnover on your card machine.
Don’t let inflation eat away at your money. We have investment strategies that offer a unique return on your capital. Contact City Networks for more details.
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City Networks is the Number One Card Machine provider for your business.
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ApplyPay, GooglePay - City Networks offers contactless payments on all card machines - Perfect for hospitality businesses to avoid cross contamination by utilising contact free payments.
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Allow your customers to view a smaller version of your scream, perfect for across counter service requirements like a pub, Nightclub or takeaway venue.
Offshore banking and Business Banking available with City Networks.
City Networks helps digitalise your business with state of the art Epos solutions suitable for every sector.
City Networks has multiple Epos solutions perfect for your business needs in retail and hospitality.
City Networks has the perfect card machine for your business.
Guaranteed acceptance on Short Term card machine hire
City Networks has every going payment acceptance channel- Including: Online, Virtual terminals, Pay-by-link, E-Commerce, Face to Face, Chip & Pin, CNP over the phone, Shopping Carts, ApplePay, Contactless, eSMS, eBank2Bank, eCrypto
City Networks offers Virtual Terminals

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Card payment App attached to my iPhone

I have a great card payment App attached to my iPhone that lets me take contactless payments from my customers all over the country wherever my dog training business takes me. So simple for both myself and my clients.
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I can’t fault service or products

Firstly I can’t fault the service or products supplied by this company who have really supported my business get out of a real mess with another card machine provider.
The only reason I’m not giving a 5 Star review is I seriously object to the whole banking system and don’t see why any of us should be charged at all to accept payments or bank in this day and age. I have strong beliefs, maybe I’m not being fair and I get this is a business though and City Networks is absolutely one of the good guys in my opinion. I do appreciate everything so thankyou. G Davies
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Stylish New Card Machine

Really pleased with the stylish new machine we received. I haven’t seen a card machine like this before. We are the coolest venue in town now. Our sales agent also made us realise we were being totally robbed by our current supplier, Our monthly bills have now literally halved since Changing! We are all so pleased we changed to City Networks.
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An extra income string to my bow!

I partnered with City Networks to offer card payments to my clients and I'm really pleased I did. Easy boarding of clients and great support. I concentrate on the sales and the back office really look after all my introductions. Great commission with the best service for my clients. I couldn't ask for more. Thanks CN
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Wealth Management comes highly recommended

Just completed 1 year of wealth management with this company. Really pleased to report back that my interest was paid on the 17th of each month without fail and Ive just received my principle deposit back in full to my account after completing the 1 year term option. Outstanding support throughout and great returns made. I highly recommend city networks.
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