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Christine Fowler B.A, K.F.R.P (aDV)


2 The Cloisters, South Gosforth, Newcastle Upon Tyne, NE7 7LS Directions

Tel 0191 284 7615
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Why Choose Us?

Highest Standards
Fully Qualified
Many Years Experience

Business overview

HELPING YOU BECOME YOUR TRUE SELF Stress, physical, emotional, psychological or spiritual issues dealt with sensitively and effectively 10% discount for Unemployed & OAPs

A professional therapist since 1999 Christine Fowler is an experienced Advanced Practitioner registered with the Kinesiology Federation.

She specialises in working with people at a point of change in their lifes. This could be prompted by illness, injury, loss or change of job, or loved one, or an overwhelming sensation that there is more to life.

Once the presenting issues or concerns are dealt with successfully some people choose to extend their sessions to continue to work on self development issues, often centred in spiritual issues.

What ever area of work that needs focusing on it will be dealt with sensitively and at the right pace for you.


"Treatments are amazingly relaxing & life changing" P.Boundy

"I leave feeling renewed & refreshed. It is a pleasure to have found her" J.Capot

"i would not hesitate to recommend Christine's healing for both people and animals.." J. Umpleby

"..this has been a miracle, & has exceeded my wildest dreams" J.Dobson


We all need a bit space & time for our selves, & this is me having a relaxing warm drink. I recommend we all take time out from work, worry & rushing about to recharge our batteries & have some enjoyment. Simple pleasures are often the best, so nurture yourself in what ever way feeds your soul.
Meditation CD made by Christine Fowler containing 2 tracks. 1. To clean and strengthen your energy 2. To take you on a journey to meet your Guardian Angel and receive a gift.
A range of permently programmed crystals each one focused on a particular quality. Eg: Overcoming Fears,Confidence, Healing are just of few of the ones on offer. They come with a loop to go on a necklace, bracelet, key ring etc. While wearing them they gently deal with the identified concern.
These tiny but effective healing magnets come in packs of 3, and the north seeking pole is identified by a dot. Placing the magnet North side to the body speeds up healing, and has proved effective on physical ailments, injuries and in reducing pain.
A range of essences clear auras and houses of negative energies, to promote balance and growth in plants, to emergency essence for emotional and pyschic rescue. Each one £6.50 + p&p See my website for details.
There comes a time in everyone's life when they need a friend. These Angel Companions come with the choice of the energy of 1 of 3 Archangels, Gabriel, Metatron or Raziel and provide the friend you need. Each one helping in different ways, go to my web site for more information.
These specialised energised crystals come in a range of crystals each one programmed with the energy to help you connect to the Angelic Realm and to aid meditation.

Products & Services

complementary medicine

anxiety management

anger management

dieting & weight control

holistic therapy



panic attacks treatment

phobia treatments


self esteem counselling

stress management


Thought Field Therapy

Spectrum Healing

Vortex Healing



Bowen Technique

Animal Healing

Geopathic Stress & Negative Energies Clearance

Meditation CDs


Healing Magnets

Life Transformers (programmed crystals)

depression management

distance healing

telephone sessions

Whatsapp sessions


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