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One Star is Too Good

One Star is too much.
Ordered food for delivery at 5:30pm. Told it would be with us by 6:30 - 6:45. 7:10 I call and am told 'it has been sent out and will be with you soon. 7:30 still hungry - phone up and told it will be with me in the next 5 minutes. 7:50 phone up and am told that there has been an accident and that the traffic is really bad.
8:10 give up and go to Papa Johns at Thornhill. Chat with the staff - they said that they are covering City Road shop as the shop is closed - none of their drivers have had any problems.
Phone home - my order had arrived at 8:15 and my wife had sent it away. Phone up and they tell me that it wasn't their problem.
Absolute rubbish - cant be honest on the phone, and clearly couldn't care less about customers.
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Recent Delivery - Cardiff

Food was to be with me within an hour and took slightly under two.

Girl on the other end of phone was truly disinterested and quite petulant.

Food eventually arrived and was inedible. Both naans were sour, smelt bad and ended up straight on the bird table, curious to see if they a) eat it and b) live afterwards.

Mushroom rice was utterly bland.

Vindaloo was so salty and odd tasting that I managed 5 mouthfulls and had to throw it away.

I like my curries and this was terrible. Tried all of the above on my wife just in case it was me and she spat two of them straight out.

No point in calling to complain as they will be as interested as they were when i ordered. Chalk that one up to experience.

Quite awful, steer clear if you can and go for an alternative!!
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