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CheaperWaste arrange waste collection and disposal services for UK businesses. We ensure that our customers are fully legally compliant and hold all the right certification.

CheaperWaste arrange waste collection and disposal services for UK businesses. We ensure that our customers are fully legally compliant and hold all the correct certification. We have over 13,000 happy customers nationwide, and fully understand the need for small and medium size businesses to keep a tight control on costs. Disposing of commercial waste legally and responsibly can be expensive, and many large waste management companies have numerous hidden charges. CheaperWaste exists to provide the most cost-effective disposal solutions with minimal environmental impact. Setting up an account with us is very quick and easy – it takes minutes and can all be done by telephone and email. We can have your bin delivered in 5 – 7 days.


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Avoid at all costs

AVOID AVOID AVOID This has to be worst company we have ever dealt with. Missed bin collections several times a month (which you still pay for). Overcharged for bogus overweight fees. Cannot contact them to challenge query. Ignore your cancellation request, which is sent to correct department. Try and auto enroll you for 24months! They have even changed their name to Waste Managed to try and hide their previous terrible ratings and legal proceedings. How this company is still allowed to operate is a mystery. DO NOT USE THEM.
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scam, scam , scam

Hi This company is the worst company on this entire planet please please please avoid calling or contacting them, soon you contact them for quotation it's like you are signing the contract. They will start charging you money and start sending you bill for the service they never provided. keep away from them.
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White collar criminals

Do not make the same mistake I did and use this company - overcharging - unresponsive and some serious wait times on the phone, and they will literally tell you, they cannot do anything about them not collecting your bin, or the fact they have overcharged you on top of the lifts they were supposed to do. Disgusting.

They are now adding months and months worth of costs onto a single bill, saying they can because it is in the T's & C's, can Watchdog step in?
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Cheaper Waste - Contrived additional charges with no option to cancel. BEWARE!

This Company is despicable and I would be extremely careful about signing anything with them. They will quote you a price and then invoice you whatever they feel like and hide behind small print in a contract that you will do well to get out of. The owners are trying to set up a new trading name WASTEMANAGED.CO UK due to the massive volume of complaints and legal matters against them. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.
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Scammers - avoid at all costs

Total scam artists, avoid at all costs. Waste never collected. No idea how they are still operating.
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