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Sunday Times Best Selling Author as seen on This Morning, Trisha & Loose Women. Insightful & Entertaining Tarot Card Readings. Same day availability 7 days /instant online booking

"Absolutely blown away. Very accurate, even made me well up, gave me goose-bumps! An amazing lady with a great sense of humour. I highly recommend - thank you Charlie for an amazing reading!"

- Stevie Ritchie, pop star, Big Brother, X-Factor

I'm a 3rd generation, natural born psychic clairvoyant (seer). Since being a little girl, I've been aware of enhanced senses & other inexplicable events. I have high-functioning autism, I'm convinced its part of my super-sensitivity.

Due to an extraordinary, challenging background, my life at 17 went off track. I now use this a platform for positive change. I’m well-equipped to deal with emotional and sensitive issues. I try not to judge. As a bonus I'm award-winning & a Sunday Times bestselling author on transformation. I have a certificate in dealing with the vulnerable.


I use cards SIMILAR to tarot, but that is all they are, like a prop. They are only a form of confirmation and presentation. I read the past, present, future & your questions.

Readings may include mediumship (contact). The idea of exploiting grief is abhorrent to me. However, where a client insists, I attempt it. I've always been aware of the spirit world & was told at 13 at a spiritualist church, I would be a medium. As an adult I joined the 'Greater World' where I was chairperson & sat in a circle for years to learn the art of responsible and ethical delivery. I see my role as a light worker. I have many positive reviews for this, but prefer to be upfront, its not my passion!

I DON'T do seances, Ouija boards or paranormal investigations!

I also offer Past Life Regression & Mental Magic; a combination of hypnotherapy, healing, music & meditation. Whatever you need - insights or support; I'm waiting to build a relationship based on trust, honesty & integrity. I go above and beyond. Everyone is welcome. I embrace diversity!


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Up to one hour - on Zoom or Skype
One off fee £60 per booking
DOUBLE - 2 hours, 1-2 persons - Zoom or Skype
One off fee £100 per booking
Combination (Reading + Regression or Mental Magic) 2 hours - one person
One off fee £120 per booking
Telephone SPECIAL OFF PEAK OFFER - 45mins - 12pm-8pm (7 days)
One off fee £65 per booking
Telephone - FULL HOUR - 9am-10pm - 7 days
One off fee £75 per booking
What's App Reading
One off fee £65 per year

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Award Winning, Best Selling Author & Writing Coach

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Thanks Charlie for clarity, focus and optimism on my next life stage x

I would strongly urge you to consult Charlie.
I went to her home and she game me some lovely loose leaf tea and made me feel relaxed.

Once she started it was stunning how accurate her card reading and insight were into my situation and how I felt in different areas of my life. She gives advice however makes it clear you don't have to follow this. She also gives you insight further along the way how things can change and improve.
I felt SO much calmer when I came away. Charlie is very cathartic and really caring about you however she doesn't sugar-coat things - which isn't helpful anyway. She is direct and honest and I found it amazing how she could describe what was going on in my life at the time.

Thanks so much Charlie

Debbie, Bucks
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Only the best guidance!

This is our second time using Charlie and we could not have anything better to say. Her readings have been bang on and her empathetic nature really shows in her honest advice. I highly recommend her for anyone needing guidance at any stage in life, you certainly will not regret it!
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Empowering and life changing

I have been coming for guidance to Charlie for a number of years now. She is a very special person with many talents, which she has developed in such a way that she is able to give very deep insight and specific guidance. I have never met anyone else with such an innate talent. I am able to turn to her in times of trouble, and she has always been able to give very relevant guidance. I come away from the reading empowered, educated and aware. She tells you how it is..but that is because she has the biggest heart and wants to help all she meets on their spiritual path. I can’t recommend her enough..with her guidance I have transformed my life and am very happy..thanks Charlie…love u x
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Straight talking beautiful soul.

This is my second reading with Charlie and she never fails to amaze me, I am completely lost at the moment and confided in Charlie after my last reading, before saying anything at today’s reading Charlie picked up on everything, from being close to water to knowing the narcissist partner I still have and the pain I go through as well as my work situation which is also awful. Charlie gave me insights to my future and discussed cards with me to understand my fruition in life, I cried when she showed me the card with the light at the end of the tunnel. What a 5 year journey I know I have to do something about. Charlie gave me tools to help and support going forward. Never ceases to amaze me with her strength and beautiful gift, Charlie is a truly beautiful soul that I will always have a closeness to thank you.
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Beautiful reading!

My reading with Charlie was my first in quite a few years so I wasn’t sure what to expect. Charlie immediately created a relaxed, reflective, comfortable environment and by the end of the reading it felt like talking to an old friend or that inner voice we all have!
She helped me clarify perspectives and what to be mindful of, especially things I had chosen to disregard without really realising, so it was a coaching atmosphere.
Thank you Charlie for your patience and insight and for making such an easy-going environment, even over a virtual meeting which I have often thought is challenging! I look forward to coming back to check in and explore things even further.
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