13 Quay St, Cardiff, CF10 1EA Directions

   Open today 17:30 - 22:00

Business overview

Casanova serves traditional Italian cuisine accompanied by an extensive wine list with continental beers and spirits also available.


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Well worth a visit!

Good service and food from this family business.
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Really Really Disappointing

Well, we went to this restaurant with our hopes high and our stomachs empty and we left with our hopes and evening dashed and our stomachs still empty (the same of which we could also say about our bank balance). I and my partner were bitterly disappointed with the menu, the service and the cost of this 'true taste of Italy' We wanted wine by the glass as one half of this partnership can't drink any alcohol at all and were told there was only one wine that could be ordered by the glass. The soft drink requested was also not available (lime and soda) Sprite was the only alternative offered. The menu was ridiculously small only 4 options per course and not one starter appealed to either of us so we went for the one course and chose the two lesser of 2 evils (even though one had an additional £4.00 surcharge). The meal arrived as one small chop, 3 small potatoes and 1 carrot - very much like a small childs typical English Sunday roast (hardly a taste of Italy) although beautifully cooked it was for £15.00 a stupidly small portion for the money that we had to wait 1/2 an hour for because we didn't have starters. We weren't offered any top ups on our drinks even though one glass was clearly empty long before the food arrived. Although we had a bottle of what was clearly warm tap water to drink left on the table. We were never re approached to see if everything was satisfactory (maybe they guessed it wasn't). The staff were sharp and snappy when we queried a discrepancy on the bill and for 2 very small main meals and one drink each (remember one was a small glass of sprite - less than a standard can) we were charged nearly £50.00. This was a special weekend away as this was our last weekend before we got married and it totally ruined the evening. We had to stop in a supermarket on the way back to our hotel to buy food because we were still so hungry. The portion sizes were nothing like displayed on this site. Instead of being able to tell everyone about our wonderful weekend away we’ve been telling everyone to stay away from this restaurant. My partner has eaten in restaurants all over the world and rated this the worst they'd ever been/eaten in
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