Caroline Schuck Rs Hom

Driveway Entrance To Fellows Rd, London, NW3 3LP Directions


Caroline is Special

Caroline is above all, a professional homeopath. With MS in its' 16th year, I have been treated for a variety of relapses (optic neuritis being the worst, paresthesias etc), chest infections, colds & flu's, an arm break, fungal growths, bruising, burns and many, many more health issues. My wife and son have also been treated very successfully. Whilst I understand primary damage caused by MS (i.e. the auto immune attacks that leave scarring along neural pathways) will not be healed by homeopathy, Caroline has ensured all secondary issues like relapses and their effects have all gone. She also deals with normal GP type issues (or "acutes") like cold/flu's etc. The result is, my famly and I have been completely drug free for 13 years now. Caroline stands far above the crowd.
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