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Carluccio's offer a fine selection of regional Italian foods including ready made dishes and fresh bread as well as fresh wild mushrooms and truffles. There is a delicatessen and food shop on the premises.


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Vegetarian Dishes

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Lovely Food

Absolutely loved it! I was pleasantly surprised by the attititude and friendliness of the staff. Everywhere was sparkly clean. Amazing spicy pasta & wine, defenltly going back
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Convenient for ladies who lunch and tea for two

Tea-time ''food
I chose from the menu chocolate bread and butter pudding. It was visually appealing with a sprig of mint. Good food.

But service was so slow. I don't think they'd have noticed me if I'd been sitting in the nude.

The blue napkins at diagonal angles bearing the fork were a nice touch. My companion thought the napkins were just put down carelessly but I was able to offer reassurance that all the table had the same diagonal place setting and I'd seen it at Sazio's so it must be a fashion.

After that I ruined my defense of the restaurant by muttering about the spoon being placed on my left.

The restaurant seemed much emptier on Monday than Friday, which pleased me. It was also easy to get a parking place in the afternoon from 3.30-8 pm when the mall closes - later than Sunday when the mall closes at 6 pm.

The first thing I'd previously noticed about Carluccio's, whilst waiting in the freezing cold to be collected by a member of my family, is that it's on the ground floor right next to the left of the entrance to Fenwicks.

So it's conveniently near the door if you are waiting for somebody to collect you in the middle of the day, spouse, offspring, parent, whoever. You have somewhere to sit waiting, not out in the cold, not standing between the double doors.

Also a handy place to sit and watch out for and wave to your incoming friend, such as a girlfriend if you are one of the ladies who lunch.

Easy and quick to find if you are the one rushing in late to meet a friend. The front has lots of goodies to buy, stacked like supermarket shelves.

On Sunday afternoon I found the seating area cramped with tables close together and narrow aisles filled with push chairs, not the sophisticated atmosphere I'd been hoping for. A quieter corner is at the back left in a kind of alcove, if you're not claustrophobic.

Nobody friendly was at the counter to serve or answer questions. When I hailed somebody and asked when they closed she said at 5. That's an hour before the centre closes, so no chance of sitting there afterwards.

A pity Brent Cross doesn't have a cafe which opens to the outside for the benefit of people waiting for family to collect them. Or just winding down after your day's shopping and getting the energy to drive home.

They start with breakfast. If you are comparing them with the coffee places, their specialities include some interesting mixes of coffee and chocolate.

Wines by the glass. Including a sparkling wine. And a rose. It would be lovely if restaurants copied the Rombout drip coffees and listed strength 1-5 and copied supermarket, Tesco, which gives wines a rating of 1-5 on dry to sweet. Then if they stocked at least one of each, I could find what I want.

Pretty pastries for tea time.
Soup. Salads.
They also serve cooked meals, not just the sandwiches in plastic that you get from coffee bars.

For example, ravioli at £6.95.

Warning - Shellfish
The spaghetti contains fresh clams. An embarrassment if you are with somebody who eats kosher. Worse, an absolute disaster for somebody like me who is allergic to shellfish and not expecting it in a meat dish and obliging says, 'I'll have what you're having.' (Where is the nearest hospital?) Anyway, I've sussed out the menu on line so I'm prepared to watch out for the shellfish and order something else.

Tiramisu. Chocolate bread and butter pudding. Did I hear someone say diet?

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Italian Antonio Carluccio was a
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