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Cardiff Canine Citizens

Qualified Canine Behaviourist & Trainer

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Business overview

Qualified Canine Behaviourist and Trainer, with over 25 years experience. Covering Cardiff, Newport & The Vale Of Glamorgan

Canine Behaviourist, Caroline Cowan BSc, MBIPDT, fully insured and Police checked (enhanced CRB). Reward based training methods.

Caroline is one of the most qualified and experienced dog behaviourists and trainers in Wales. She has over 25 years’ extensive practical experience in all aspects of dog behaviour and has achieved a range of nationally recognised academic qualifications.

We have services for all your doggy requirements and both indoor and outdoor facilities at a range of venues. Our puppy classes are very popular and are high demand. Start your puppy off on the right paw!

We also have our Prickly Pooches – Special Classes for Special Dogs. These classes are for dogs with issues around other dogs and we are having amazing results-for testimonials please see my website.

We have our new activity classes Rally, Triebball and Recall Classes.


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Products & Services

Caroline Cowan BSc, CBT

Prickly Pooches

Positive, reward based methods

Pets As Therapy Assessor

Home Visits

KC GCDS, All Levels


Inappropriate Toileting



Barking/Noise Complaints

Advice on new rescue dog

Handling Issues

Puppy Classes

Adult Dog Training

Member of the British Institute of Professional

Recommended by Dog Charities & Organisations

One to Ones

Toys & Tinies

Recall Classes

Aggression to People

Separation Anxiety

Destructive Behaviour

Pulling On Lead

Phobias/ Nervous Behaviours

Accompanied Vet Visits

Canine Behaviour Consultations

Wag It Games Instructor

Yellow Dog UK Sponsor

Organiser of The South Wales Dog Charity Fun Day

Pre-Vaccination Visits

Telephone Consultations

Activity Classes

Aggression to Dogs

Living with Children


Jumping Up


Choose a puppy / dog


Where to start…

The phone call consultation will give you some hope that positive changes for a reactive dog are possible. If your dog is challenging and vocal, you will be constantly separated from the group and made to walk your dog by yourself. Our package included 1-1 sessions which we were never offered despite asking multiple times. Caroline does not have an open mind to different training techniques and is very much ‘force-free’. We should have seen the red flags when a stuffed dog was pulled out and we were advised to dance and sing in front of our dog as a distraction technique. Once being well and truly ghosted after being advised to seek medication, which the vet said was absolutely not necessary, we have seen a real professional trainer who correctly showed us how to control our dog safely in a 1:1 situation. I feel that the group work made our dog’s behaviour a lot worse before it was made better. Save your money and time and avoid putting your dog in unnecessary stressful situations
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An honest opinion helping us keep our family and pet safe.

After a tricky time with our dog I phoned to enquire about booking some behaviour sessions with Caroline. She was very honest over the phone and provided me with advice and confirmation I needed to make the next steps to keep my children and dog safe.
It was great to hear that she was not driven by the money she would have had from us but actually safeguarding my family and our pet. Thank you so much for helping us choose the right path for us today.
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I attended prickly pooches sessions for my dog reactive staffie cross. Caroline has the skills to individualise the teaching to what your dog needs even within a class environment- as a teacher I know that's not easy. I have learned a lot and feel I have some of the tools to help my dog keep progressing - thank you.
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Waste of time and money

Definitely not a people person. Has favourites in the group and will focus her attention on them, leaving you to ‘practice’ on your own while she talks incessantly to one person. The classes were useful to introduce my puppy to others, but I could do that for free over the park! All of the exercises revolves around giving lots of treats as distractions and individual problems were not dealt with. I found her two assistants to be far more helpful so would suggest trying to book classes with them instead.
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Definitely would recommend

Caroline has given me brilliant help, support and guidance in working with my reactive dog. As a result of attending Caroline's course my dog is much happier and more relaxed and in turn so am I.
I'd definitely recommend Cardiff Canine Citizens to anyone who is struggling with their dog.
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