Cantab Marketing

79 Blackfriars Rd, London, SE1 8HA Directions


A company where you don't want to work for a long time

- You get hired easily
- You will learn something about self-confidence and self-analysis
- Your phone manners will improve a lot
- The wage isn't that bad and they pay in time
- A standard 9 to 5 job, you never have to work during the weekend
- You work as a lead generator for world class IT companies
- If you speak several languages, you will have a chance to practice all of them on a daily basis

Entering Cantab, you have to know that you will definetely have a hard time for not much. A majority of the people entering this company are young graduates without experience. Lots of them are getting hired and leave after 1,2,3 days. They cannot keep 1/3rd of the people they hire for the following reasons:

- The essence of the job is cold-calling people all day, you basically have to ring decision-makers on behalf of the client company and the you have to get informations from them about their projects. You will experience a lot of stress and repeat the same stuffs all day, face rejection, etc but fair enough: This is a lead generation job, you know what you are getting, even if they try and impress. you will be quickly disillusioned.

- Their "management development scheme" is the thing they are selling to you to keep you, but you have actually not a lot of possibilities in the company, you will just get a bit more money, manage the newcomers and get loads of duties.

- Their management methods are extremely agressive and they are often crossing the line between management and harassment. They expect so much from you from day one and they will let you know: The CEO or the team manager will recall you to the meeting room 1,2,3 times a day and start screaming at you, break his pen on the table or make you innapropriate, mean comments. You will often be told that you gonna get fired (or "get the **** out of my company" to use the CEO's words). The CEO is a very moody, rude ang angry person and even if he will never insult you, he can be extermely impolite and disrespectful. They will almost never answer your questions and you will just get a very little help when you are struggling. You are likely to be openly criticized in a very rude way in front of all your colleagues. They are literraly getting you down, making you feel helpless. Why ? Well, very good question.

I am rating the London office, I have been told that this is not the same game in Ghent, Paris or Amsterdam offices.

Your company could be so much easier to live and you would keep much more people if you were respectful , more understanding and patient. I think the management team should reconsider its approach to the new recruits and learn how to teach them and encourage them instead of litteraly destroying them.
I am convinced that you are loosing a lot of talented people because of your agressive, disrespectful management style.
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