California Classics (Hull) Ltd

Unit 1, 29, Bankside Ind Est, Hull, North Humberside, HU5 1SY Directions

Tel 01482 441551


CCHL, They Excelled for my job

I called them with a problem with my MGB GT overheating, they said they could not deal with with it on the day I had available but I could leave it with them and they would lend me a car to use whilst they fixed it. So far so good...
They diagnosed the problem which was a faulty bottom hose caused it seems by a duff thermostat not opening and closing correctly, they changed both and tested it in traffic and by leaving it ticking over for a long time too.
My problem was cured! I returned their car, collected the "B" and was presented with a bill for 1 thermostat, 1 bottom Hose and labour charges of half an hour. Their car, no charge!
I was in Car Heaven, I fully expected a bill for £100 plus after other reports I had received. They SUGGESTED I use Forlife antifreeze, and also replacing the top hose too but did not just change them and charge the earth for doing so, what a great result, I am delighted with their top class work and attention to detail whilst thinking of the owner not their bottom line. CCHL you rock.
They have a customer forlife too.
Jonathan Prescott 1967 MGB GT
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