Brynafon Country House Hotel

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South St, Rhayader, Powys, LD6 5BL

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Business Overview


Originally built in 1870 as a Victorian workhouse, this beautiful mid-Wales hotel is rich in original character and traditional charm, with 18 en-suite rooms, restaurant, bar, lounge and 4 conference rooms.

Set against the dramatic backdrop of Gwastedyn Hill and the Druid's Circle, the Brynafon Country House Hotel is close to the beautiful Elan Valley and within easy reach of the River Wye. The very heart of the busy and historic market town of Rhayader is less than 0.5 miles (0.8 km) away. Gigrin Farm Red Kite Feeding Centre is next door.

Catering for daytime & residential conferences, weddings, parties, groups, family reunions, short breaks or just overnight stops.

Services and Products

  • Maximum rate: £53 per person
  • Minimum rate: £38 per person
  • 18 en suite rooms
  • deluxe, standard, family rooms
  • 4 conference/function rooms
  • restaurant & bar
  • large car park
  • child friendly
  • some rooms are dog friendly
  • catering for weddings & parties
  • wifi in public & conference rooms
  • disabled access


Probably the worst restaurant experience of our life!
Went last night to Brynafon with my wife, two young teenage children and mother in law (grandma), whose birthday it was. We were attracted to this restaurant as it had an Italian flag outside and promoted itself as specialising in pizza; as it turned out this could not be more misleading.

The waitresses were very nice and we ordered a salmon dish, a lasagna, a carbonara and two pizzas. My wife and grandma enjoyed their lasagna and salmon, my son quite liked the carbonara but was a bit unhappy to find mushrooms, which he does not like and which were not mentioned on menu, the pizzas were another matter.

They were edible, but nothing more. The base appeared to be pre-prepared and was clearly not fresh, the toppings were fresh but not very well cooked. The base was no better, and even worse, than a cheap blank base you get in the supermarket. I was hungry as it was a late meal and ate three quarters of mine. My daughter took one bite and would not go further. My wife tried it and was disgusted and said it tasted stale like cardboard, my son ate a slice. We did mention this to the waitress who was apologetic and sorry we did not enjoy it.

When we came to pay the bill I walked over to the till area and asked for one of the pizza's price, just over £10, to be removed. The full price was a few pounds short of £100. The waitress said she would ask the manager, who finally appeared. He asked what was wrong with the meal and I told him, as noted above, that some of the dishes were good but the pizzas were not. He was irate, he agreed to take off the price of one pizza but was adamant and would not accept our criticism of his pizza. I was taken a bit aback about this and said that this was fine and I would write a review. He became very angry and told me to say no more and to never return to his restaurant in a very aggressive tone. At no point did I raise my voice. Furthermore, I was astonished at this reply; having criticised his pizza and been rude and aggressive to why would I? When I said that this was fine he reminded me to say no more in a threatening voice and ordered me out. I said I would wait for my family, he shouted further and ordered me out even more menacingly. I had to leave without my family or my bag. His wife then came out shouting at my family to get out, while they were barely aware of the exchange. They were extremely rude and obnoxious to my wife and mother in law.

This was like a bolt out of the blue and my whole family and I were very shaken and took hours to calm down from the never before experienced extremely violent treatment we got.

I am not sure what happened there. Is this the way they treat customers regularly, or is this an ailing business and by criticising their pizza I touched a nerve that pushed them over the edge?

In all my life I have never had such an experience! Do not be tempted by the Italian flag outside, it is a fraud! I have worked in pizzerias, made them at home for years and eaten them in Italy. You want a better pizza buy the value range in any supermarket.

But worst of all, BEWARE, if you dare criticise their pizza they will drive you out screaming and shouting - much like a drunk would be thrown out of a rough pub!

Dr. L
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