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Stop smoking in one session with free backup. Change eating habits and move more - the keys to weight loss Build confidence and self esteem Get rid of anxiety

Quit smoking, stop alcohol abuse and make fast changes in your life with advanced hypnotherapy and NLP.

Appointments in Leeds City Centre and Huddersfield just off M62.

One session can change your life forever!

Julie Woodcock is a professionally qualified and highly experienced hypnotherapist with over 10 years experience of helping clients like you. You can read hundreds of testimonials from her clients on the website. Julie comes from a professional background having worked in manufacturing companies and consultancy before moving into NLP and hypnotherapy. She is direct and confident, giving clients confidence in her methods and also teaching and promoting that confidence in them.

Are you ready to take back control of your life? What habits do you need to break? What thoughts do you want to change?

If you're really ready to change why not call? A chat on the phone will help you understand that YOU CAN change. You CAN get what you want.


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If you want to change your life, ring Julie

I went to Julie on the 29th May and to be perfectly honest with trepidation. I had kept her leaflet in my drawer for a full year, one part of me didn't think it was worth the risk (money) and one part thought if the leaflet was in the doctors and dentist then it must be okay.

Anyway I still hesitated and continued to smoke. I have been a smoker since I was 15 and I am now 55. I had tried everything by the way, patches, liquids that make ciggies taste awful, chewing gum, lozenges, acupuncture. Now patches did work a bit, but when I felt like a cig I would take the patch off and have one then put it back on again, obviously never getting free! Oh and may I say that I watched my mum with her oxygen tanks and finally die an awful death because of smoking, did it stop me, no that didn't either I’m ashamed to say.

Well eventually I decided to ring Julie. I decided I was willing to lose the money rather than never try at all and I am glad that I did. I took two cigs with me and I stood outside her building smoking my last ciggie (or not as I had one in my bag for the way home). I observed several people outside probably lunch breaks, but all smoking and I thought if she is that good why are people smoking outside her building. But then thought how ridiculous of me, not everyone wants to stop, I did, I had been trying for years.

Anyway back to the point Julie was fabulous she was very friendly and got straight to it. After the session she gave me a bottle of water and the waste bin, waste bin you may think strange, but it was for the cig she knew that I had in my bag, very clever. I caught the bus home and was glad I did, I don’t think I would have liked to drive, I felt a bit strange, not ill or anything but a bit spaced out if you know what I mean. By the time I got to Bramley I was fine, we were having a barbecue, I rang my kids and all I could say is I’m not sure if its worked but I haven’t had a cig yet!

That folks was 3 years ago and I am still not smoking, I don’t think about cigs, I don’t fancy cigs. All I can say is that I talk about Julie all the time I shout from the rooftops I even have an interest in NLP, and I am convinced that this didn’t just work for me, this would work for anybody. My partner promised that if it worked he would go but he hasn't and won't because he really does not want to stop, well it’s his lungs not mine (he smokes outside) and he knows if he goes to Julie he will definitely stop. How bizarre!

Anyway it works folks, make that appointment, give up the weed, I feel fantastic and not to mention wealthier.

This year my confidence was at stake as both my daughters live quite a distance from me
and the only time I saw them was when they visited me, why, because I wouldn’t get on a train on my own, I was scared, worried I would get the wrong train, be on the wrong platform, get off at the wrong stop, ridiculous you may say but to me it was massive and I worried at how I would get to them if they had needed me urgently, god forbid.
Then I thought one word ‘Julie’ why am I not on that phone and sorting it out, well smoking is one thing but confidence is another, how could anyone do that.
Well I booked that appointment and I got on that train on my own with no fears and my daughter couldn’t believe it, we had a fabulous day in Meadowhall and I got the train back to Leeds at night on my own. As simple as that.
I only needed one session for both of these and if I ever need anything again I won’t wait
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