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Best Turbos reconditioning re manufacturing refurbishing repair fitting installation exchange replacement service specialists.

We are here at Best Turbos Company to help and serve our customers! The good reputation is more important for us than money!

At Best Turbo we only implement and apply quality, original turbo components. We do not accept any cheap, chinese fakes which do not meet the turbochargers specifications so will fail soon.

We are fascinated in turbochargers and superchargers. We develop few unique processes of reconditioning what saves YOUR money and time

The turbo units are very complex and complicated. They require extremely highly skilled and experienced engineers to carry out the reconditioning, repairing processes.

Our highly qualified team always trained up to date of technology have taken uncial and very advanced projects of rebuilding and manufacturing many turbo units like BMW Bentleys Rolls-Royce Mercedes VW Ford Jaguar Land Rover and many more!

We are on the market over 15 years

Our aim is your satisfaction and good reputation!


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DPF / FAP / CAT Cleaning & Fitting

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poor after serviced
I taken my car to have the turbo reconditioned with a 2 years warranty lasted 9months taken the car back 4 times after keeping the story short they told me it was not the turbo it other problems down to vacuum supply spent more money on the and still no good had to have the car recovered back them it was a faulty actuator car went back 5 times sorry guy lost all trust with them do not take your car there or you will be in big trouble they talk a good job but can not provide it in this case the I have been tod from colleagues that have used them have has the same problem .sounds like to me they just want ££££££ then fob you off I don't like doing this to small business but it has put sour felling in my mouth don't do it no no no
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Bmw M3 Smoking.
Come to these guys first before going anywhere else. They guys are the nicest bunch you will meet & their work is excellent, got to the bottom of my problem straight away when other garages took 3 weeks and failed! Thank you! Daz
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Bmw 320 turbo gone
They take pride in their customer service rep and I can’t faulted it. I was given full outcome of the diagnostics and can only praise them for the good work carried out on my BMW320 in ref to it’s Turbo.
Thanks luke & co
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Range Rover Sport
Can not recommend Best turbos enough, my car had a fault with the turbos and I was quoted for the job by my local garage. Best Turbos not only beat the price but repaired it quickly in a very professional manner. 2 yrs warranty and my car running perfect.
Great customer service.
Anyone with turbo problems, try these guys first.

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Range Rover Sport
Excellent Service, had problems after new turbos fitted to my Range Rover and Martin came down all the way to Dorset to collect car and take back to the workshop, sorted out problems and delivered back to Dorset the following week, excellent after care cant recommend enough regards Adrian
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