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Bespoke Pilates and so much more.

Our primary focus is Pilates: a method of body conditioning which “develops the body uniformly, corrects posture, restores vitality, invigorates the mind and elevates the spirit “

Bespoke Pilates and More covers the whole North East region and we believe Pilates should be accessible to everyone, any age, body shape and level of fitness; the exercises are always adapted to you.

As Joseph Pilates said “A few well designed movements, properly performed in a balanced sequence, are worth more than hours of forced contortion”

Our bespoke service is completely tailor made. It offers you the opportunity to have an individual postural assessment, which can expose areas of particular weakness and also those which have become overused and tight. A personalised, balanced programme with a focus on your particular needs and personal aims, enables relaxation of these tight areas and simultaneous strengthening of those which are weaker. Regaining the strength of the core stabiliser muscles, efficient in maintaining stability, will be central to your Pilates practice.

The result: a body which performs at it’s best with optimal functional strength and optimal functional flexibility.

We absolutely recognise that each of you looking into Pilates will have your own motivations and perhaps many reasons for doing so; these motivations are important to your journey and therefore provide vital information to your teacher.

The very essence of Bespoke Pilates & More is working with you as a unique individual, adhering to the origins of Pilates and the methods practiced by Joseph Pilates himself, which proved such a great success. At Bespoke Pilates & More, the programme delivery is constantly adapted to the needs of our students.

We hope to have an interactive, open relationship: a space for you. No question is a stupid question and we welcome your thoughts and feedback at every opportunity.


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Thank you sarah

I’ve just had my first 1-1 session with Sarah. What an inspirational lady. She assessed my posture and talked through all of the areas I was having difficulty with and showed me the appropriate excercises to do. She was very patient and did not push me past my limits, but has given me a plan to follow for the next week.
I feel very motivated to do this and can’t thank Sarah enough - she made the session fun relaxing and positive
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Top rate Pillates, Nutrition and Well Being Instructor

After attending / working with many instructors over the years for Yoga; Pilates; Personal Training etc....Sarah is the best ever.

I feel amazing after her sessions. Highly recommended....if you want dedicated, expert, forward thinking, impeccable instruction contact this wonderful woman.....:) x
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Pilates a new way of life!

My first lesson with Sarah was so good that I’m now a much fitter person because of her - I didn’t think I’d be capable of Pilates so she can inspire anyone if she can help me ladies!! Sarah is really experienced and great at helping all ailments - you’d be in good hands - core core core - it’s s good laugh too - which is a bonus!
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Really enjoyed Sarah's Pilates classes.

I have thoroughly enjoyed my Pilates classes with Sarah. She makes the sessions fun as she has a lively, friendly and bubbly personality. She explains everything and demonstrates all of the movements clearly and is always on hand to gently correct any mistakes. I feel much more flexible than I did before I started the classes, even after only 6 weeks. I also feel really relaxed at the end of the classes.
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Bespoke Pilates and more is recommended by Michèle Danjoux

I would highly recommend 'Bespoke Pilates and More' especially if you are looking to strengthen your body, improve your posture, and body image. I received a thorough and excellent postural assessment and have been able to work towards targeting any weaknesses through Sarah's fantastic analysis and teaching. Sarah is very skilled and so attentive to my needs and really cares to help each individual. I had been suffering from lower back and left knee issues and Sarah saw almost immediately that my arch on my left foot was slightly dropped suggesting this could be the cause of my issues. She gave me a personalised plan to help correct things and guided me on my path to improvement. Since beginning Sarah's pilates programme I have really felt an improvement in my body, my left knee clicks less when I come down the stairs and I now enjoy my other exercise activities more fully. Feeling stronger in your core is such an amazing sensation and something we can all work towards through pilates.
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