Beacon Osteopathy - Diane Kheir BSc (Hons) Ost Med ND

The Cedars Clinic, 28, West St, Marlow, SL7 2NB Directions

Tel 01494 880649


Highly recommended - Fantastic osteopath
Diane is a fantastic osteopath, very personable, friendly and professional. She puts the patient at ease and her treatments are very effective. She is so knowledgable and the treatments are really relaxing. She has vast experience treating the elderly, as well as young people, pregnant ladies and babies. She helped me to get well and I highly recommend her.
Diane first treated me in Oct / Nov 2010. I was in such a bad way, I could barely get out of bed. I had severe body pain and my back / hips were a mess. I had bad sciatica too. First I needed a few treatments but then I only had to go back if I had a complaint.
Diane successfully treated me with osteopathy and cranial osteopathy too. In 2013 I got pregnant and suffered with bad sciatica and PGP throughout the pregnancy, but Diane's treatments helped so much, it was wonderful. With cranial osteopathy she also helped my chronic sinusitis that I developed during pregnancy.
My little baby girl was born with a forceps delivery in March 2014. I brought her to Diane too, and she treated her to make sure that her cranial (skull) bones are in the right place and also to help with her silent reflux. Alyssa loved the treatments, they were so gentle and lovely, she slept through them and it helped her a great deal.
I recommended Diane to several friends with various musculoskeletal problems, and she helped all of them.
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