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Welcome, I am an independent mobile vehicle air conditioning specialist based in South Birmingham established in 1995.

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Established Since: 1995

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Vendors knowledge, experience and capabilities had a super cool resolution.

Three companies failed to find my leak because they did not use Nitrogen to pressure test. I therefore wasted more than £200 on regassing.
I was attracted to Auto and Agric Air-Conditioning because they mention Nitrogen Testing on their website. They also give you a simplified explanation of how the vehicle A/C system works. As a marine engineer with refrigeration knowledge it didn't take long to discover that Robin the company owner knows what he is talking about. He found the leak in less than 5 minutes. Put my Mitsubishi Shogun in the air at his workshop, cut out the offending section of pipe and installed a very professional bridge piece. Back on the ground, vacuum to remove the moisture, insertion of the correct type and amount of lubrication and then a regas.
Had I found Robin first I would have had change out of my initial £200 on regasses. If you have lost your gas and talk to someone who does not mention a Nitrogen pressure test then reject them and go to this vendor. A1
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