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🌻🧿I've been a psychic/medium and empath since a child .I've experienced sleep paralysis thought my childhood,gone through many though times and been in very dark place's , been a empath i can sense everything from the other person I'm speaking to .So once i understood who and what i was that i was different, I then started to heal and am now able to offer the best advice as I've probably been there myself and nobody's understands better than someone who's felt the same pain .So i can shine the light where there's darkness and provide you with a reading that can give you insight as to what's going on in your life and offer guidance and self help and healing methods that could bring your inner light back within .

I can tell you where you lacking energy in your body and what charkra's may be blocked 🚫 or even over active .I can balance everything and remove any dark energies that may be holding you back or blocking your future in and around your body and Aura .

I offer picture mediumship readings to anyone that's crossed over .

Namaste 🙏

07834635016 ( u.k )


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Reviewing under another name to protect my identity. Had a reading by Aura in July. The information was vague, the reading could have applied to anyone, no additional information was given to me. I asked about a person of Interest and it turns the person isn't what Aura had described him to be. I found out the hard way. Obviously, Aura isn't responsible for this but there was no accuracy in my reading and I got nothing from it, her predictions wasn't true. However, Aura is a lovely lady but there was no connection.
15 Oct 2022
The client contact me to say it was her boyfriend who wrote the review as he doesn't like her having Reading's .She Apologised to me and said shewas trying to get the review removed ,I clearly hasn't never mind it is what it is .
15 Oct 2022
The client contact me to say it was her boyfriend who wrote the review as he doesn't like her having Reading's .She Apologised to me and said shewas trying to get the review removed ,I clearly hasn't never mind it is what it is .
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Friendly, welcoming & excellent

Turned up for a first time reading....a week early!! Ruth was lovely and said that she would still see. She was very friendly and made me feel welcome and at ease. Had an amazing reading. What blew me away was that fact that she named a dog that I had. Her name wasn't a common name at the time I had her so I was stunned. Nobody has ever mentioned my dog's name before. I would definitely recommend her. You won't be disappointed
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Accurate, Kind and Genuinely Talented

Ruth welcomed me into her home for a reading at a time when I was at a very low ebb and very confused about how to act on a critical matter in my life. Ruth used the pendulum
the trait cards, angel cards and her intuition and natural talent to channel answers from spirit. Ruth was very accurate, gave very pragmatic advice but did so kindly and was sensitive to the enormity of the problem. Ruth listens attentively. Ruth has a real talent, very accurate and uses her wisdom to help ask the right questions. I felt safe, comfortable and cared for during my reading and left feeling I had been given truthful insights into my situation. I live overseas but will certainly maintain contact with Ruth throughout my situation and am comforted knowing she is available wherever her clients are around the world. I recommend Ruth's genuine skills and support wholeheartedly.
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Uplifting 😇

What can I say I was made to feel very at ease and felt as though I could work alongside with Ruth very openly, which I believe gives you a very more in depth reading when you work well together instead of blocking her of😊which a lot of people can do in readings as they feel uneasy, but it was such a lovely experience and this is my second reading now, the first was very accurate also I was told I was owed money never believed it , but 3 months down the their it was 2300 😊so very accurate, I came back as I had a few questions niggling away at me and needed and trusted Ruth’s direct blunt but honest approach and got the answers I’d subconsciously thought, so put a lot of stuff to bed for me to move on to a more positive life, and I know I have found a very good trustworthy honest spiritual being who puts her light and soul in to her work not just after the money, and will keep on the phone till she is reassured you have everything so never felt rushed of very recommend thank you 🙏
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Wonderful and insightful reading...

I came with my friend last night and we were both blown away by our reading. We were both very happy with the reading, We would highly recommend seeing this lovely lady in her beautiful home.
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