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Serving top quality halal food for over 16 years. Growing from a takeaway we now also bring you the aroma restaurant; an experience you and your taste buds won't want to miss!

Established since 2002 and based in the heart of New Malden, aroma has been serving top quality halal food for over 16 years. Growing from a takeaway we now also bring you the aroma restaurant; an experience you won’t want to miss! Book a table to dine in or enjoy a takeaway.


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Best Shawarma Ever!

A friend of mine introduced me to the shawarmas ( Wraps ) at Aroma. I can say that this is a world class shawarma (amongst other things) maker, located in New Malden England. It takes passion to make food this good!! If you are around the new malden area try it out you wont regret it!!
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Aroma, New Malden

Aroma in new Malden, simply put, is the best kebab, shish, shwarma shop in the whole of london. I highly reccommend it to everyone. you wont regret it.
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The shawarma place rocks

After finding Aroma on one cold night several years ago, I tried their shawarma with garlic and chili sauce and was amazed at the flavor. I was sold, I would visit Aroma every time I had a craving for a decent, filling meal and would order their shawarma without fail. It was only after several years that someone convinced me to try their kebabs and I have to tell you that the experience was nothing short of mind blowing, while I do not want the experience of the Kebab to take away from how perfect the Shawarma was, it was nice to have something different. What makes Aroma special is that they are very generous with the portions of meat which is all of a very high standard, this combined with the the variety of mouth watering sauces, makes a meal from Aroma a simply amazing experience even when compared to some of London's top restaurants. I think everyone has their own reason for coming back to Aroma but for me it is a combination, it is how how well everything fits together, how the array of tastes compliment each other during that first bite, the sensation that it gives a person when you find a large piece of meat while crunching through the variety of fresh vegetables and last but not least the feeling of satisfaction you have when it is finished. Personally I would recommend combining the burger and garlic sauce when choosing either a shawarma or kebab as the spiciness from the burger sauce compliments the creaminess of the garlic sauce so well. If you think that asking an additional flavor of sauce might cause the meal to become soggy, do not worry - there is more than enough filling no matter what you order - either way, no matter what sauce you choose, I can assure you that you will not be disappointed.
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Excellent shawarma, not too fatty and among the best I have tasted. I travel to Egypt a lot and this definitely has the delicious authentic taste - nothing like the processed "kebabs" that most people eat on a Friday night after the pub - this is real food.
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The best Shawarma's I have found

I start by saying I have only eaten here at lunchtime, and always the same dish – Lamb Shawarma. At the time of writing this review I have eaten there about 12 times over 2 years (I am not local). Aroma is a small kebab house, with about 3 or 4 bar stools at a ‘breakfast bar’ along one side. Outside are two 4 seat bench tables. The service is very friendly and efficient. They have a charcoal grill along with two vertical spits for chicken and lamb.
The shawarma’s are fantastic; the best I have eaten outside of the Middle East since I lived there about 20 years ago. I have joined TrustedPlaces just so I could review this fantastic place, it is so good.
Aroma use very good quality, deliciously marinated lamb with only enough fat to keep the meat moist and tasty. I have yet to have found any excess fat or ‘chewy’ bits of meat in my shawarma and I can only say I would be very proud to serve them to my family. As a test I took my teenage son for a shawarma there today. He always orders chicken elsewhere and has only ever eaten lamb of any type few times in his life (my wife doesn’t eat lamb). He ate a lamb shawarma at Aroma and loved it.
I always have all the salad, with lovely slightly salty, hot pickled chillies, along with either garlic or tahini sauce and the mandatory chilli sauce. The only slight complaint I have (which you don’t notice when eating the shawarma as they are so good) is that Aroma use ‘wraps’ rather than a split Kobz flat bread. At the time of writing in summer 2008 a lamb shawarma is £4.50 for a standard (large) or £6.00 for a large (too large, even for me). These prices are not cheap but are great value for the size and quality you get there.
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