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Ariya teaches group and private belly dance classes suitable for beginners

Beginners Classes

New to bellydance? Fancy going back to basics? The beginners belly dance classes will aim to deliver:

Warm-up and conditioning for belly dancers.

Technique - Posture, Isolations, movements, shimmies

Introduction to music and rhythms

Lots of dancing to get you moving to the next level

Ariya is also able to take on performance and hire requests!


1.5 Hour Class

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Featured review

Amazing workout!!!

Had my first class with ariya on monday and she was very attentive, her music choice is great. I learnt some cool moves with in depth technique breakdown. I was aching after the class - good pain!!! will be coming back, thank you ariya
18 Jun 2019
Hello, thank you for your lovely feedback! It is great to see you develop in class over the past 2 weeks!
18 Jun 2019
Hello, thank you for your lovely feedback! It is great to see you develop in class over the past 2 weeks!
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Ariya was amazing at teaching Bellydance! Initially I was very nervous to attend the bellydance sessions but she made me feel so comfortable right away as she has such a welcoming personality.

There was many bellydance moves i was struggling with that looked very complicated but Ariya broke down everything step by step and now i can do all the complicated looking moves easily. Ariya delivers amazing coaching and support for all dancers showing an interest in belly dancing. There is always an aura of friendliness and passion displayed by her. She is also highly organised and offers loads of help and support
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Definitely Recommend

I went to my first ever bellydancing class on Monday 10th June and it was great, Ariya went at a perfect pace, and I also was able to learn some beautiful moves, I felt it in my muscles the next day. Will be returning, if anyone is thinking of bellydance classes locally I recommend.
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