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Arctic Automotive Air conditioning has over 30 years experience in all kinds of mobile air conditioning repairs, service and installations including the very latest R1234YF car systems.

Mobile applications such as cars, trucks, agricultural, construction/ military eqp, caravans, motorhomes, horse box's, events vehicles, and industrial grounds care machinery to name just a few.

Diversifying into the leisure market we concentrated on air conditioning then developed into carrying out repairs, service and installations of automatic satellite systems and on board generators powered by gas, diesel and petrol fitted to all manor of vehicles inc boats.

we also carry out repairs and service work to Webasto and Eberspacher heaters found in trucks, leisure vehicles and boats e.t.c.

We are now distributors for cabin clean air filtration over pressure systems dealing with the health and safety of operators of equipment operating in Hazardous environments stopping occupational respiratory conditions.

We are suppliers of dust filtration safety systems to Network rail who now use our systems to protect their operators against the dangers of respiratory illness which amongst other causes can be caused by breathing in hazardous crystalline silica dust.

The overpressure safety systems can be used in many industries such as mining, agriculture, waste management,soil remediation,wood manufacturing industries,coal and bio mass powered power stations and composting sites to name a few to protect operators of plant equipment against hazardous dust and gases by way of extremely high efficiency particulate and activated carbon filters.


Back to the future with this Delorian brushed stainless steel bodied car, the car was in for air conditioning repairs. The a/c system was empty due to a corroded pipe, I fabricated a new one, changed the dehydrator filter and recharged the system and sent the owner back to the future with a chill!
This shows a Komatsu loading shovel, the air conditioning has to be serviced regulary because of the harsh working enviroments they operate in. There are Terex graders and 360 degree excavators also on site which have to be serviced as well.
This oakley horse box had problems with the on board diesel generator which supplies power for all their living needs including the air conditioning and T.V. satellite system
This mobile satellite broadcast vehicle had a fault with the Telair air conditioning unit fitted to the roof of the vehicle. After the repair was complete I was treated to a quick demo to the operation of the system but just fell short of a live broadcast from the premesis of Arctic Automotive
Some times I see certain makes of cars a lot over a short time period, this day was Porsche day with a Boxter and an older 928
This dutch barge was suffering with an Eberspacher 10 KW water heater that would not run in the depths of a very cold winter. The fault was a broken sensor and very dirty fuel line.
This Ferarri was in need of having the a/c system repaired and also changed from R12 CFC refrigerant to R134a HFC refrigerant. The evaporator was removed and cleaned, expansion valve changed along with the filter drier and pressure switch. Then evacuated and Recharged .
This picture shows a twin solar panel install around the satellite system which was all ready in place.
This picture shows a receiver drier which I modified to fit a Ford Probe because the filter is no longer available from Ford Motor Co and was never available from any after market parts suppliers. The pipe was made to replace the original pipe on the car once the drier was in place.
This picture shows the condenser being fitted to the front of a trailer which was being fitted out with toilets for use in the United Arab Emerates. The order was for three trailers each having three wall mounted a/c systems and three trailers each having two larger wall mounted a/c units in.
This van was having the on board diesel generator serviced and a modification to the alternator drive pully system.
An on site visit for the manufacturer to diagnose a condensate leak and carry out repairs.
Service of air conditioning, a thorough cleaning of the evaporator, change filter and recharge
Fully automatic search satellite system fitted to this narrow boat.
This is an a/c installation on a disabled converted Citroen Dispatch. The complete front end removed to allow the condenser and associated pipe work to be fitted. The engine sump was also replaced so the compressor could be mounted to it.
Image 20 of Arctic Automotive
One of three Doosan DL420 loading shovel's operating inside a very large building containing Bio mass wood pellets at Ironbridge power station. I have installed my Cabin clean air filtration over pressure system which is now protecting the operator's against the harmfull dusts inside the shed.
System fitted to the Doosan loading shovel and is now protecting the operators against the dangerous dusts they are working in. Made from 304 grade stainless steel and powder coated. ATEX certified Cat 3D equipment for use in Zone 22 environments making it the number one choice for industry
I used stainless steel pipe with short flexible hose to convey the air into the cab for more durability against the harsh working conditions.
WOW!!! This says it all ! This filter was removed at the service interval and shows the dust captured and stopped from entering the cab and the operators lungs. What you cant see is the P3 HEPA filter fitted below this one which filters the air again down to .3 of a micron at 99.99% efficiency.
This picture shows the reverse side of the primary P3 pre filter showing that no dust that you can see with your eyes has passed through. Below this filter the air has to pass through a high efficiency P3 filter at .3 of a micron not clearly visable ensuring the operator is totally protected.
This cabin control unit monitors and controls the internal cabin over pressure to a safe level for the operator. The cabin over pressure will keep all contaminated air outside protecting the operator. Alarms will alert the operator to over and under pressure, and if filters have been removed.
Cabin filtration over pressure system protecting the operator hazardous dusts and vapours at a waste recycling plant. There are many industries where the operators need protecting against hazardous dusts and vapours in line with Health and safety at work regulations.
These military trucks have high capacity air conditioning units to cope with the high temperature and harsh climatic conditions in the many parts of the world they are deployed to. I had the job to pressure check the WEBASTO systems and recharge them.
Track repair system fitted with an Arctic Air AA5 clean air filtration overpressure safety system to help protect the operators against hazardous dusts.

Products & Services

Teleco,Telair, Air con, satellites, generators

Eberspacher,Webasto,Air and Water Heaters

Honest advice and solutions based on 30 yrs Exp

Leisure vehicle Equipment

Boat heater repairs/satellite systems/Air conditio

F Gas accredited/ R1234YF vehicle repairs

Air conditioning repairs,servicing & installations

Diagnostics/ repairs all makes/ models/R1234YF

Cars, Trucks, agric, plant,buses,motorhomes

ATEX Certified cabin overpressure safety systems

High efficiency dust pre filters

High efficiency dust HEPA filters

High efficiency granulated activated carbon filter


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