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Ms Ann Massey Lynch

I have been teaching the Technique since 1986 .

I was working as a pianist previously , having trained at the Guildhall school of Music and Drama.

The technique can help people on so many different levels.

It helps us to be more conscious of habits we develop in our sitting and our day to day activities.

Holding our breath when we concentrate,

Collapsing when working with a laptop or sitting watching a screen.

Concentration is fine as long as we are aware of our surroundings too!

It is so easy to over work our bodies, and only then notice that our back or neck hurts.

We can sit, lost in a thought, or a problem, and find that we had been holding our breaths or were lob-sided......

So learning the Technique can help us to be aware of what we are up to, either in sitting or in movement.

Less holding and more balance.

We discover that support from the ground and our surroundings can give us a new “habit” of awareness and ease in whatever we do.

The lessons are gentle and allow each person to understand their patterns of holding ,which might no longer be helpful.

Understanding our head, neck back relationship is so important for our well being,in any walk of life.

Less trying or “doing” can help us feel freer and more balanced.....so,then the choice is ours.

A lot of actors,musicians and athletes have used this Technique for many years but people form all walks of life find it helpful....especially in our sitting lifestyle with the computer/laptop.

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