Amity College

45 Wimbledon Hill Rd, London, SW19 7NA Directions

Tel 020 8947 1338


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Dishonest business.

Don't even think about studying or working here!

Students and teachers have been having problems with this "college" for years.

Elite, Access and now Amity.

I don't know where to start.

Stay well clear. You have been warned.
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Not a serious college!
Terrible conditions to study. 6 weeks ago we started complaining about the lights in the class, because there are 4 big light bulbs and 2 are burnt out.
They give us a lamp desk Instead of changing the lights, and the lamp has the bulb burnt out as well!
Now I have a new job, so I need to leave my classes 1 hour before. So I would like to change semi-intensive classes ( 4 hours per days), and I want to do the general English classes (3 hours per day).
After sending several emails, they don't answer them (when you have to pay they answer you at the moment). I have talked about it with the receptionist and the managers don't want to refund me the money I have paid before arriving to London. They said to me before coming they had a special offer only for summer but this is not true, because the “special limited price” in the website, it’s the general price during the year, so please, don't pay in advance!!! I don't recommend this college at all!!
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