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Investigating spiritual pathways and timing your personal development


My name is derived from this Celtic goddess. The sacred woman, the wise one. As a child, I had “ imaginary friends” that no one else could see ... a classic feature of those who have clairvoyant ability.

27 Years Experience

I have written astrology columns in magazines and at one time recorded my own astrology phone-line. I taught astrology including many branches of the subject such as horary and harmonics. I am most intrigued by relationships and the uniqueness of people, so I tend to work from a psychological perspective, which means that I talk to people about their unique style and “way of being” in the world.

Psychic Abilities

These started to develop in my late twenties. I learnt how to interpret cards and how astrology works.

I originally came from a very spiritual family where life beyond this life was accepted and also the existence of angels.

Products & Services

Astrologers and Horoscopes

Tarot Readings

Fortune Tellers

Crystal Balls


Token Object Reading

Crystal Healing

Messages from loved ones in spirit

Detailed dates for the future

Psychic reading




Personal horoscopes

Relationship synastry

Astrological transits

Astrological progressions

Sun and moon sign readings

Mars Venus relationship connections

Angelic guidance

Hope for the future


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