Alpenbest Care

Buckingham House, 7 Churchfield Rd, Walton-On-Thames, KT12 2TT Directions

Tel 01932 255000


Must be avoided

Broadly speaking, this care company not only would be the last thing on anyone’s mind to be engaged with as an employee but potential enquirers should avoid them if they wish to remain a clear minded and valued human for the rest of their life. Only one thing keeps alive this company, the naturally talented and hard-working carers, who are not treated in a proper way as they deserved. One of the owners, ‘Ja*ila’, who actually believed to be hiding for a longer time period because she allegedly had problems with the law now is back and seemingly likes to threaten her employees such as they will be fired and nobody will be able to be reemployed with other companies if staff won’t follow her not really loyal requirements. Furthermore, the management is promising everything, as long as people’s situation is not being transferred in to their hands. It is recommended to look further for a lot better and more competitive company. Good luck!
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