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Business overview

All Dogs Matter is a registered charity. We are a voluntary dog rescue based in London.

Our aim is to rescue and rehome dogs in and around London and surrounding areas.

The dogs who come into our care are strays, from pounds or simply dogs whose owners no longer can or want to keep!

Unfortunately, there is a growing demand for rescue services in the current climate, as more and more unwanted dogs find themselves in need of new homes. Our job is to pair each dog with the best new owner for it, ensuring that it will be safe, cared for and loved for the rest of its life.


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Considered taking in a rescue dog from ADM, but ended up pulling out due to their refusal to give me any backstory on the dog and both women I spoke to became quite snippy about it. As they have come under fire in the media lately, due to rehoming a dog that belonged to somebody, this made it difficult to trust this charity and put me off even trying to proceed any further. Wouldn’t recommend them to anybody following this. I worked in a particularly famous rescue in London for years and this would never have been an issue amongst the staff there, in fact we were always encouraged to let people know the history of the dog and it was unheard of to rehome a dog within a week, especially one that was handed in as a stray, as there could be all sorts of health and aggression problems that wouldn’t be obvious that quickly. I’m honestly very shocked by this and glad I pulled out and went elsewhere.
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Great Charity who do everything by the book

Great charity. Does everything by the book. Attend the events and are amazing. Adopted my dog years ago but they always remember. Ira & Michelle are angels to these dog’s. Don’t read bad press. The dog they rehomed was found as a stray unchipped no tag & unspayed. All could have been sorted if dog had a chip which is required by LAW! Don’t put down a great charity who go out of their way for these dogs. Know the facts. Keep up the good work guys!
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We rescue Rocky from ADM 8 years ago, and sadly he passed away this week. We are heartbroken.
We was such a huge part of our family, I can only say thank you for introducing us to each other.
When our hearts have mended a little, maybe we will find another four legged friend.
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I rescued my first dog fromADM four years ago. Added to our family another ADM dog about 9 months later .
The people we encounter were wonderful very professional and caring .
Since then we have supported this charity going to every event we can
I highly recommend them to anyone looking for a dog
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