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Holistic Energy Healing Instructor

Alexandra Maria is a certified holistic energy healing instructor. She has been experiencing, practising and teaching different aspects of positive energy healing since 1992. She offers an honest, true balanced holistic energy healing instruction that requires a thorough and proper energetic study of the client's being and world, lifestyle and way of life. Alexandra Maria offers private and confidential Self Awareness & Self Healing sessions in the interest of the public good for the illumination and holistic healing of people in need.

Her Holistic Healing Method includes Reiki, Bioenergetics,Pilates, Spiritual Holistic Face Yoga, Soul dance & Mzizi Circle Therapy , Reflexology of Face & ears , feet & hands , where the client is helped to identify and clear test energy blocks and disorders in accordance to his individual needs. It involves a disciplined weekly follow up and guidance about the client ‘s wellbeing , way of life and life style .

Contact Alexandra Maria Verri Holistic Elohim to

Receive clear and effective guidance on :

Lifestyle and best individual Way of Life holistic approach plan with intensive follow up if required.

Holistic Energy Healing sessions comprehensive of Energetic testing .

Traditional Hands-0n and Distant Reiki .

Pilates & Spiritual Face Yoga .

Soul dance & Mzizi Circle Therapy .

Self Awareness & Self Healing guidance .

Self care investment guidance .

Take back your Power.

Unveil your Truth & Strengthen your connection to your Higher Self to find your True Self and purpose in life

Take charge of your Health and discover the magical power of your own potential within yourself .

Start your journey towards a better ,healthy and purposeful life


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Products and services

Lifestyle holistic approach plan

Help to boost your energy levels

Holistic Therapy




Electro Acupuncture

Face Yoga


Anger Management

Lack Of Sleep Therapy

Stress Anxiety & Fear Management

Kinesiology Test





  • Anatomy, Physiology and Pathology for Complementary Therapies, Level 3 Certificate (Education & Media Services Ltd trading as ITEC)


Reiki experience
An amazing person with real good energy!!!!
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Happier and Healthier
This has been one of the best things that I’ve done for my self. I now handle stress and anxiety in a positive way. I feel a better sense of peace and wellbeing and this experience has left me happier and healthier. I would highly recommend this to anyone.
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Alexandra Maria Pierra is a lovely person

Alexandra Maria Pierra is a lovely person who has had some challenges to overcome but never has she been anything but positive, and a wonderful person to be around. When she eventually left Kenya, I missed her and her classes so much and have not found any classes to replace hers, which were more than pure Pilates but included Holistic Energy Healing and a huge amount of commitment and love. Here's to a great future to Alexandra Maria Pierra in England.

- Source: Sue Larsen (Kenya)

From the word go Pierra worked tirelessly

- Source: Shruti Shah (UK)

Holistic Healing Health Support Program

In such busy lives it is hard to balance all the competing demands because often the stress and pressure drain your energy and make you sick..I really thank God to find Alexandra Maria this skillful practitioner as a good reputable match for my need!I followed the Holistic Healing Health Support Program she offered me and it was so effective that in few weeks I succeeded to tap in my natural Healing abilities..

- Source: Norah Abdallah (Egypt)

I experienced with you is such a blessing

- Source: Shariffa Keshavjee ( KENYA)

One of the best teachers I've ever had

I did my Reiki with Alexandra Piera in 2003 for my level 1 &2 certificate.Alexandra Piera's knowledge is second to none and she is one of the best teachers I've ever had.

- Source: Mo Zubair (CANADA )

An exceptional teacher

During my stay In Kenya, I had the opportunity to attend Pilates classed Alexandra Pierra In Nairobi. She is an exceptional teacher who helped me to make tremendous progress in one year, in every lesson she pushed me to beyond to what I thought I never would be able to do. I felt i very good shape, very healthy during that time, hence attended two or three sessions a week where ever possible. I continued practicing Pilates in other countries, but I never found a teacher of the same level.

- Source: Stoeffler K Mai ( DUBAI)

Magic of Alexandra's

I have come to realise the magic of Alexandra's classes had to do with her as a person, her spirituality and many years of experience. She managed to combine all techniques in her classes, inspiring Pilates teacher who clearly loves her profession and students, and is able to bring out the best in each one of them, a remarkable ability. I cannot recommend her strongly enough

- Source: Francoise Hannah Phillips (SOUTH AFRICA)

She it passionate and truly gifted

I have received energy healing from Alexandra Maria since 1993. She it passionate and truly gifted with her work and gets to the heart of issues. I would highly recommend her.

- Source: Ena Chudha ( UK )

I have become much much stronger and feel very energetic

I am very pleased to get your contact. I always remember you for giving me Energy Healing in 1993. Ever since then I have become much much stronger and feel very energetic, mentally as well as physically. I am truly grateful to you for giving me a new life. God Bless.

- Source: Chhindi Sagoo ( KENYA )

I have been following Holistic Healing with a spiritual approach

My name is Nita Sundeep Shah. I have been following Holistic Healing with a spiritual approach with Alexandra Maria for 16 years. Ever since then my growth towards seeing life has changed a lot and I have learnt to forgive people and also to remove fears in my life. I have recently gone through cancer but instead of losing hope I am filled with strength, courage and confidence. I have started to trust GOD and always think positive in what ever the situation is.

- Source: Nita Sundeep Shah (KENYA)