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Business overview

Free initial assessment or an introductory taster for 2 hours for £25 in a group of up to 6 to experience - sitting, bending, walking up stairs, in an easier way. Book now.

One Small Key is an established practice for teaching Clients who wish to learn the Alexander Technique. Clients come for many reasons including:

- to stop/prevent pain - back, neck, knee, joint and muscle pain

- to help with negative stress, change habits of a lifetime, relax excess tension

- to improve poise, posture, performance in daily life (sitting down, walking up and down stairs, at the computer, gardening, bending)

- to improve performance in sport, singing, public speaking

- for confidence, personal growth to unlock their hidden potential

- to improve their balance in later life, make tasks easier as they mature

Clients range in age - 5 to 85. There's no need to be fit, no exercises to do, you remain fully clothed. You learn to do The Alexander Technique as part of daily activity any where, any time and no-one knows you are doing it. You acquire skills for life by having one to one sessions or learning in a small group.

Appointments all week (incl eves & some Sats)


On the chain around my neck is my one small key. In fact it's tiny, subtle. It reflects how I work, looking for one small key you can utilise now to unlock your hidden potential and transform the habits of a lifetime that hold you back. Ultimately, I want the keys we find together to belong to you.
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Products & Services

Poise Posture

Speaking in Public

Building Confidence

Anxiety management

Stress management

Ending chronic back pain



Improve performance - sporting, music, more

Look better. Feel better.

Unlock your potential ..become the best you can be

Personal Growth becoming unstuck finding direction

Speakers support groups for speaking in public

1 to 1 speaker coaching


My Body reached a new level of Ease......

I had heard about the Alexander technique a number of times and to be honest for whatever reason it hadn't really resonated with me until I began to appreciate that I want to live a long life with quality and wanted to find ways to ward off the osteoarthritis and other dispositions that plagues my family's genes in general. So I decided that I should investigate further, I considered it vital that I ensure I make the best of and look after my my posture as I am now middle aged...Yikes!! not a nice thought.

I was genuinely impressed by what Olwen taught me, and no it isn't all just about sitting up straight, chest out, shoulders back as I think many people might presume. I now have little reminder notes pinned close to my desk to ensure I follow what she taught me everyday....and as for the relaxation...WOW I could not believe my body could reach that level of ease....I would go as far as to say that Alternative therapists should experience the techniques that Olwen demonstrates as I have never experienced that at any other therapy session.
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Outstanding teacher - thanks Olwen!

Olwen has helped me enormously with a sore throat I've had off and on for many years. I'm a radio reporter and use my voice every day for my job. Olwen quickly identified bad habits that were causing my throat problems and showed me in a practical, hands-on way how I could improve my posture and ease the pressure on my throat. Olwen has a great way of making learning fun and I look forward to her lessons, knowing my voice is slowly but surely improving. If you're thinking about the Alexander Technique, you'd go a long way to find a better teacher! James S, Oct 2013.
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