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Business overview

Scottish Sheriff Officers & Messengers at Arms. Your debt collection and diligence needs are in good hands.

Dealing with day-to-day business is challenging enough without having to pursue dilatory or unwilling debtors.Whenever the need arises, Alex M Adamson LLP can act on your behalf. We can offer a full range of professional services that can be tailored to meet your requirements. We operate on a no collection - no commission basis.

On-line access to our collection systems, which will allow you to instruct us electronically and monitor the progress of your casework. There are no set up costs; our income requires the collection of your debt.

Integrated system of letter and telephone collection

Systematic and timely reporting.

Availability of comprehensive tracing and status reporting services.

Real time on-line access to client case loads for up to date case tracking

Availability of comprehensive service including court proceeding and enforcement of court decrees.


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Products & Services

Debt Collection

Sheriff Officers


Revenue Collections

Citation & Diligence

Debt Recovery

Local Authority Collection

Legal Enforcement

Sheriff Court Services

Trace & Locate

Messenger At Arms



This company should be put out of business they contacted me about council tax arrears I filled in their forms with a payment offer. Didn't hear anything back from them and then realised both myself and my partner both have attachment to earnings. They never contacted me about the offer made or to inform me of the attachment . When my partner phoned they said they had sent letters but this is a blatant lie. And was extremely rude and un helpful.
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Absolutely disgusting company , my daughter had 1000 quid saved in my bank account to keep for her car and these creatures took it from my bank because I missed 1 payment . The anxiety this company has caused me I have no money as it is
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Stay away from using Alex M Adanson LLP

company dont get your money you owed just happy to take money to do nothing dont explain that they dont get the money your owed just send out paper work to person that owes you money and then its up to you to collect what is the point in that
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Disgusting service

Wouldn't even give them 1 star, the attitude from the staff is disgusting, the whole service is a joke, wont help anyone and treats them like dirt!!! think its disgusting that they lurch on vulnerable people and don't take anything in to consideration, by far the worse company i have ever dealt with will be glad to see the back of them!!
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Disgusting treatment

One of their Sheriff Officers came to my door because I was behind on my council tax by a couple of hundred pounds. Alan Bucan is his name. He treated me like I was a piece of dog dirt (they won’t let you swear on this) on his shoe and threw the paperwork in my face! I complained to the company and to the Society of Sheriff Officers too! Absolutely disgusting way to treat people and the staff on the phone weren’t much better!
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