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Why ride at Aldersbrook Riding School? WHY NOT? Fun Fun Fun

Learn new skills or take your current riding skills up a notch or two with intensive riding tuition - either on your own horse or on one of ours. (Stabling and hay can be provided for your horse if required).

Have your own instructor for 2 or 3 hours riding tuition per day over a number of days as required. Sessions can be tailored to meet your individual needs or requirements. Courses for beginners or more advanced Riders. Escorted hacking can be provided where appropriate.

Discounted prices for midweek bookings. Call 0208 530 4648 Tuesday - Sunday between 10am - 1pm or 2pm - 5pm for further details and prices. Stable management lessons can also be integrated into the course if required.


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For children's Birthdays we can provide special lessons for them and their friends: Groups of 3 or more children can enjoy an ordinary group lesson lasting an hour or half an hour. One or two children can have a private or semi private lesson of an hour or half an hour. Packages available!!

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It’s a no

First of all, to book a lesson here you have to email as there is no landline connection.
My son was placed in a class of two girls who could ride. There was a girl who gave lessons unqualified. There was no one to supervise them.

The girls wanted to do more, so the young girl had to ask for help. He was very nice gentleman he was good with my son.

The next week - We waited for someone to show up as there was no one present to meet and greet us.

They prepared a pony that was too small for my son but changed it to a more suitable one.

20 minutes into the lesson a woman joins the lesson with my son. At the end of the lesson, I asked how much it would cost to join my son. We were told £100 for the two of us. So lessons went from £30 to £50 per person with unqualified teachers.

I told my son is in a group lesson with kids. I would give this place a miss unless you have money to waste.
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Don’t give them your money until it’s under new management

It is run by people who have no idea how to run a business and promote it correctly. It could be a really lovely and valuable community venue. The man (Steve) who started a just giving page under the guise of ‘renovating’ the stables and yard took the money and used it to fund a holiday for himself. I am so sad for those who donated with good intentions and this man has done nothing for the horses, the stables or the community. He only cares about himself. The sooner he is gone and the yard is under proper new management the better. The reason it is in disrepair is down to the trustees not ensuring it is run properly and not down to lack of funding. Plenty of people support and put money into this place but it is being mis-used .
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