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Alan Crawford Counselling

Understand, heal and grow.

5 Haydock St, St. Helens, WA10 1DD Directions

Tel 07983 730584
   Open today 08:00 - 22:00

Business overview

Affordable, confidential counselling with a qualified, experienced and caring professional. Feel better, let go of old habits and live life more fully.

I can help you to understand, heal and grow... to take better care of yourself, feel better and move towards living a meaningful, fulfilling life that you enjoy.

The fact that you are reading this suggests that you have already taken a significant and important step - acknowledging there is something in your life that doesn't feel quite right and that you are open to getting the right help to move forward.

All of us wish to be happy and as free as possible from stress and dissatisfaction. We want to live a satisfying life that feels like it means something, a life that we enjoy. We want to feel free and at ease in our lives. Yet sometimes all of us can find ourselves feeling lost, stuck, or overwhelmed, numb, depressed or anxious - struggling to cope.... like you're trudging through mud or carrying a heavy weight around with you all of the time.

I can support you to find a way through and lighten the load.

These feelings can come up after you go through something difficult or a big change in your life, perhaps a relationship breakdown, losing your job or the death of someone close to you. You may even have been through something a trauma of some sort, or be struggling with an addiction, eating disorder or common mental health issue such as depression or anxiety. Yet sometimes there is nothing specific you can point to, just that persistent, nagging sense of lack... that feeling that something just isn't right, that you aren't happy.

Counselling can be a powerful opportunity for you to work through whatever issues or dilemmas you may be facing in your life. Working together, you be heard and understood. We can pay close attention to your experiences and take stock of where you are; clarifying and reflecting upon your situation in order to gain deeper insight into how you might choose to live with greater meaning and connection to yourself and to others.


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Products & Services

individual therapy


bereavement counselling

anxiety management

anger management

emotional problem counselling

mental health

self esteem counselling

stress management


person centred

addiction recovery

drug and alcohol problems





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