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Business Overview

Dog and Cat grooming Specialists in South East London

We specialise in dog and cat grooming for all breeds

Regular grooming of your dog and cat is essential for their whole well being and happiness

During grooming debris, dander and external parasites are removed

Knotts and matts are prevented from forming and removed before they become uncomfortable for your dog

Skin is massaged and exfoliated promoting healthy skin

Minor ailments and health concerns are picked up early

The grooming session can be a wonderful bonding session for you and your dog

Start the grooming sessions as young as possible so your dog or cat enjoys the process

Services and Products

  • All Pet Grooming Services
  • Dog & Cat Grooming
  • Microchipping
  • Collection and Delivery
  • Pet Supplies


Excellent service
I've been taking my dog Pedro to Absolutely Animals for a few months now and I could not be happier with the service.
This is not one of your typical quick-wash-and-trim groomers (although they probably offer this service too). With Pedro they do proper shaping with scissors which results in the dog looking really good.
I also like the fact that they make an effort to establish a rapport with the dog, to ensure that it stays happy and calm during the session.
Top marks from me.
30 Apr 2016
Thank you for your review. Pedro looks very stylish in his new hairstyle. :)
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Absolutely Animals- best grooming service.
Our cockapoo, Louis has been going to Absolutely Animals for almost 5 years- he is always very well taken care of by Heidi, Christine and their team- he comes home looking very smart and we always get very positive comments about his 'haircut'! He is always happy to go there and I believe the staff are all very kind and caring- I would thoroughly recommend their service.
30 Apr 2016
Thank you for your review. :) Louis is always a very well mannered dog.
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Not very patient for cat customers!
My cat was left till last for grooming and had gotten upset after being the basket for a while and couldn't be groomed as he was too upset.
No refund of £20 deposit despite no services carried out! Very disappointing.
Whilst I was on the phone to the reception, rude comments by the other members of staff in the background were very disappointing.
30 Apr 2016
We are sorry your are disappointed. We are too! Cats can sometimes be unpredictable as you found out when you couldn't get your cat in the basket at home. We try our best to cater for all personalities but unfortunately do not refund the £20 cat deposit if the cat will not let us carry out the groom.
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Amber and Lana
Just want to let you all know
Just had girls in for a wash and blow dry, best one in the borough because of their breed (Shar Pei) they do have skin problem, also they Properly blow dry them out because of their wrinkles!!
30 Apr 2016
Thank you for your nice comments
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Do not charge the prices on their website
On the first visits, I was willing to pay £8 extra above the advertised £42 for the cost of a clip, as my dog is difficult (they were warned about this beforehand); but when I took him for a bath only - advertised as £25 on the website - they charged me £50 again!! So I was charged £25 extra for using 'experienced groomers' (their words). Outrageous! I doubt that I will use them again as I do not like being conned.
17 Mar 2015
If you are going to make a complaint, at least tell the truth! Your dog dog did not just have a bath "as you say". It had all the underneath completely clipped out and its face trimmed. Which you were called about as it was very matted and unkempt. Your dog is not just difficult as you say, it is very aggressive!. You were charged in line with the work carried out and the expertise it took to handle your difficult dog. I will not delete your negative comments as they are testamount to the little amount of money we charge to try to help owners overcome their problems with their dogs who bite. Absolutely Animals
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