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A D Price Metalcraft

The National Waterways Museum, South Pier Rd, Ellesmere Port, CH65 4FW Directions

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Business overview

Bespoke Metalwork in Cheshire

I, Alex D Price, am a blacksmith, steel fabricator, welder, and designer. I specialise in forged or fabricated steelwork. I undertake both small and large projects. Whether it is the production of fabricated gates or railings I can do it all. I have a wealth of experience and the expertise to carry out bespoke metalwork and create household fittings. In addition to this, I also teach blacksmith courses for individuals interested in pursuing a career in metal craft or those who want to try their hand at blacksmithing. My services are available for customers in Cheshire.

Our services include:

•Steel gates and railings

•Fabricated steel products

•Bespoke steelwork

•Blacksmithing classes


7ft x 4ft,machine made twisted baskets and railheads,hand forged dropbolts and latch,painted black and fitted in Great Sutton.
9ft x 5ft,pedestrian part to the right,concertina part to the left,arch top,machine made twisted baskets,railheads and circles,hand forged dropbolts and latch,galvanised and powder coated black with gold on decorations.Fitted in West Kirby.
7ft x 7ft Bow top,Concertina,pedestrian part to the left,wheel support,machine made twisted baskets and railheads,hand forged twisted baskets and railheads,galvanised and powdercoated black,fitted in Little Sutton.
8ft x 7ft,20mm box section uprights,machine made lower uprights,railheads and circles,hand forged scroll decoration along the top,dropbolt and latch,galvanised and powder coated black,fitted in Whitby.
10ft x 7ft,machine made ball top railheads,galvanised and powder coated black,fitted in Oxton.
12ft x 8ft,double Gate with arch top and single gate with flat top,all with machine made ball top railheads along the top and the middle with hand forged 'fishtail' scrolls in circles along the top,galvanised and painted,fitted in North Wales.
10ft x 5ft Bow Top Double Gate and 3ft x 5ft Bow Top Single Gate,machine made twisted baskets and railheads with hand forged dropbold and latch,painted black with gold on decorations,fitted in Rivacre.
3ft x 4ft Single gate with Bow top,alternate uprights barley twisted with circle decoration,10ft x 1.5ft bow top wall railing with alternate barley twisted uprights and circle decorations,galvanised and painted black,fitted in Chester.
8ft x 5ft Automated Double Gate with Bow Top and 3ft x 5ft Single Bow Top Gate,machine made twisted baskets and railheads with circles,galvanised and painted brown,fitted in Ellesmere Port.
3ft x 4ft Single Gate with machine made Ball top railheads and hand forged latch,galvanised and powder coated black,fitted in Chester.
3ft x 7ft Round top fabricated Gate with machine made arrow heads at the top,machine made letters and circles,engraving around the inside of large ring,design based on 'Lord Of The Rings'.Painted black with gold on the decorations,fitted in Willaston.
5ft x 7ft Forged 'fishtail' scrolls out of 25mm x 15mm flat section,gate is convex in shape.galvanised and powder coated black with 46 x 60mm diameter crystal balls set in the centre of the scrolls,fitted in Upton.
3ft x 7ft fabricated bow top gate,machine made twisted baskets and railheads,painted black,fitted in Little Sutton.
3ft x 7ft fabricated Single Round Top gate,machine made flat section scrolls,30mm x 8mm flat section frame,painted black and fitted in Great Sutton.
3ft x 7ft fabricated single flat top gate with machine made twisted cages and railheads,painted 'mahogany',fitted in Hoylake.
3ft x 3ft fabricated single bow top gate,alternate barley twisted uprights with circle decoration,galvanised and painted black,fitted in Chester.
3ft x 7ft traditionally made Single Gate with hand made 'fishtail' scrolls with a forged central arrow head and hand forged leaf decorations,the hinges have ' hand forged 'fishtail' scrolls and forged latch,galvanised and painted black,fitted in Dutton,Cheshire.
3ft x 4ft Hand Forged 'Ribbon End' Scrolled Single Gate with flat top and side Railings,painted 'Wild Sage',fitted in Cauldy.
40 metres of Fabricated Wall Railing,3ft high,machine made twisted baskets and Railheads alternately placed,each Railing fitted to 40mm box section posts.Galvanised and painted black with gold on the decorations,fitted in Oxton.
26 metres of fabricated railings,5ft high with machine made ball top railheads,alternate barley twisted uprights fitted to 40 mm box section posts in concrete.galvanised and painted black,fitted in Whitby.
20 metres x 3 metres of fabricated Railings with machine made railheads and circles,12mm round section uprights fitted to 80mm box section posts in concrete.Galvanised and painted black with gold on the decorations,fitted at The Methodist Church's Trinity Creche in Ellesmere Port.
Two Hand Forged Curved Railings,approximately 8ft x 1100 mm each,with forged 'fishtail' scrolls as the decorations,primed and painted black,fitted at Inglewood Hotel,Burton.
2 metres x 1100mm Railing with hand forged scrolls out of 12mm square and round section,galvanised and painted green,fitted in West Kirby.
3 metres x 1100mm Hand Forged Railing with 1m x 1m side railings x 2 with Hand Forged 'fishtail' scrolls and 'shell' shaped scrolls supported by 50mm box section supports.Galvanised and painted black,fitted in Willaston.
4m x 500mm Hand Forged Railing,made up of Hand Forged 'fishtail' scrolls out of 25 x 15 mm flat section,galvanised and powder coated black,fitted in Upton.
Fabricated Rails with alternate twisted uprights and hand forged scrolls and two Handrails with Forged scrolled ends,galvanised and powder coated black,fitted in Heswall.

Products & Services

Steel gates and railings

Fabricated steel products

Artist blacksmith

Bespoke steelwork

Blacksmith lessons and courses

Garden gates

Metal gates and railings

Metal craft

Steel railings

Decorative steel artefacts

Driveway gates

Metal railings

Architectural metalwork


Gateway to paradise

Alex has done a wonderful gate using a combination of ideas from us and his own input. Excellent experience from start to finish with the result that we have a unique entrance to our garden. Happy to recommend Alex to anyone.
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Excellent Workmanship

We searched everywhere for a decent blacksmith to supply and fit railings and a gate and we found one in, A.D Price, Metal craft, who has done a first class and very professional job in carrying out the above task, at a very reasonable cost too, so if your looking for outstanding workmanship,look no further than, A.D.Price, Metalcraft, Ellesmere Port, Wirral. ( Anthony Hornby)
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Blacksmith tuition day

Just spent the day in Alex' forge learning the basic skills of forging and metal craft, both he and his assistant were very attentive tutors with vast experience between them, I got the experience as a present and will be returning for more experience when I decide what to make next. Would highly recommend adprice metalcraft if you want a unique experience and learn an age-old skill.
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Fantastic quality wrought iron gates.

Excellent quality wrought iron gates. If you are looking for expert craftsmanship you won't be disappointed @so impressed. Michelle Sutton, Frodsham
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excellent personal service

We asked Mr Price to make a gate for indoor use,to keep muddy dogs in their 'drying' area,while still seeing the family life in the kitchen through the iron gateway.
He visited the house ,made careful measurements, discussed design and quoted a very reasonable price. Although this was just days before Christmas he surprised us by coming back with gate , fitting it perfectly, in time for the festivities and crowded kitchen!
We are pleased with the quality and appearance of the gate which has been designed and built to blend well with the room fittings.
From our experience we can recommend Alec to others wholeheartedly.
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