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66 Gloucester Rd, London, SW7 4QT Directions

Tel 020 7584 7349
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Business overview

A & H Page is a goldsmith and silversmith, who also provide a valuation, engraving and repair service.

Located in South Kensington A & H Page was first established in 1840 (Nottinghill Gate), our current shop at 66 Gloucester Road, SW7 since 1926.

We are 3rd generation jewellers and silversmiths.

We specialise in quality antique, period and modern jewellery, watches and silverware and also provide valuations for insurance and probate. Our repair service has been estalished since 1926.

Our membership of the National Association of Goldsmiths and the Institute of Registered Valuers (MIRV) is your guarantee of the highest standard of service.


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Products and services

antique clocks

clocks & watches - retail & repairs


engagement rings

diamond specialists


gold jewellery

goldsmiths & silversmiths

jewellery repairs

silver jewellery

wedding rings

jewellery valuations

signet rings

crest engraving


Rip-off, terrible customer service, poor service in general
Very rude and nasty old man - I paid £30 to have a fine gold necklace fixed, which broke again 1 day after. When I returned to the shop, the owner said I didn't look after it properly and that he couldn't take responsibility for any of his services.
I asked for a refund, even if partially, and he refused to give me. The necklace broke literally in the same place they were meant to have fixed it, how is that not a poor service that deserves refunding?
He then tried to sell me another necklace. Ha.
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Horrible experience
Please avoid. Very rude man, a truley horrible experience.
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Nasty buying experience
I, as a buying customer, have never seen anyone so terribly rude and narrow minded as the owner of this shop.

Two days ago, passing by the shop I saw a pretty looking diamond ring in the window display so I went in to have a look. After trying it on I liked how it looked so i was considering buying it. Because it was a second hand ring with a price tag of several thousands pounds, I naturally asked a few questions about it. I could tell he was an impatient man, not pleasant to talk to from the beginning as he kept on putting the ring back into the box. But, hey, every one has their own peculiarities, a wise man once told me. So, I asked him what he thinks of the condition of the ring as an expert and the impurities on the stone which I saw under a magnifying glass this is when he totally went on a suicide mission: that is dust; you are buying a piece of art, if you can afford it buy ii; once you buy it you can’t bring it back.
Luckily for me, I don’t have to have the ring!
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Absolute disgrace
I took two high end watches (a gold zenith and a gold breitling) in to be serviced.
They bust both and claim it was my fault. Well, they worked fine before. I just wanted to give them a good clean and oil etc.
Damn rude and refused to help after they handed them back and charged me 200 quid.
Avoid at all costs.
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Should be shut down
I brought in my shamballa bracelet accented with ball of pavé yellow diamonds in to be evaluated. First he asked for my original receipt. I don't keep receipts. He let his suspicions show. He gave me some reason for needing the receipt, and as this was my first time I complied though it seemed unnecessary. The next I brought in a copy of the receipt and handed over my bracelet. Two days later, he gave me some runaround story and handed me back my bracelet without charging me for the "appraisal". I was glad to be rid of him. Days later I'm wearing it and I see he popped out one of the diamonds-- he'd turned the ball so that spot was covered by the cords of the bracelet! Spiteful little man.
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