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Business overview

Support Groups and Workshops for young people, children and adults who are Special Educational Needs (SEN) Learning Disabilities. We know how to help you help others flourish.

A 1 Tribe specialise in using the opportunities around us to encourage and support people with social and learning difficulties. We help businesses up-skill their staff and improve staff retention and absenteeism.

Through our work with a number of medium to large businesses and government departments we know how to reduce staff expenses by retaining skilled people and keep a harmonious environment.

We have been approach by a number of local agencies to support people and children in the community with their careers and new startup businesses.

We would deliver consultation and coaching sessions to the client with stakeholders and agencies that work to help them develop life skills such as cooking, ups-cycling and personal development as well as food hygiene, organic gardening, interview skills, emotional development, and careers/business planning.

We have 10 years of experience in the industry and a proven track record of assisting people develop.

Our done for you consultation help you relax and enjoy the rewards that are achieved. We have tested what we do 100's of times for people and have produce results that save money and make working fun and safe.

Mainly this is due to our program structure, the way we collect and decimate the companies working practices and the implementations we suggest. If the client trust the process and actions, advice the improvement will unfold in front of them.

About the Consultation

Once you register with us you become a member of the Tribe and you will get assigned your own staff consultant. Your staff consultant will guild you to support them to deliver your staffing improvements in order to meet your agreed company goals.

We love helping by supporting senior management, managers and staff with some simple qualities. Such as mental cognition = Focus, planning and problem-solving as well as managing human expectations.

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Products and services

Learning Disability Workshops

Youth offending Provider

Mental Health Workshops

Support Groups for Learning Difficulties

business consultant

School and education

Saturday School provider

Working With Children's Homes

Mental Health Support Groups

Working With Day Centres

Collaberate With Social Workers

Food Hygiene Sessions

Cooking Sessions

Textiles Sessions

Dyslexia Testing

Workshops For People With Special Needs

Workshops For People With Learning Difficulties

Learning disabilities consultant

Human resources consultant

Personal development coach

Dyslexia children's coach

Dyslexia young persons coach

Dyslexia adult coach

Work environment consultant

Education environment consultant

Business improvement service

Emotional intelligence coaching service

Company environment consultant

Up-cycling teacher

Company consultancy


Child Protection Services

Children's Homes

Interview Techniques

Day Care Nursing

Day Centres

Housing Associations

Social Workers

Care Services

Adult Placement Services



  • British Dyslexia Association
  • Federation Of Small Businesses


  • History, BA (University Level Qualification)


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