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Business overview

For all your computer needs.... from sales of ink cartridges to full pc systems tailored to your own needs. We also repairs PC / Laptop / Xbox / PS3 / Wii / Handheld / Tablets

Laptop and PC repairs and sales. Computer consumables including ink, printers etc. Call us or visit our website. Open 7 days a week.


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Starting out with fixing only one computer per week, this rose to one per day, then one per hour then so much we actually lose count! The same goes for our internet sales; starting out with a couple of orders per day and running down to the post office to send them off to van loads of orders collect
warehouse @ brown street dundee

Products & Services

Repair Service


computer consumables

computer hardware

computer networking & cabling

computer peripherals

computer recycling

computer security

computer services

computer software sales

computer systems

computer technicians


data recovery

disaster recovery

home computer services

ink cartridges

laptop repairs


network cabling

printer repairs

toner cartridges

virus removal and spyware removal

wireless networks


amazing service - fast and good price

handed in laptop on monday and told around £50 and 3 working days

got it back earlier than expected and only £40

kept informed all the way
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I had many issues with this place. My husband's pc has had a lot of issues for quite some time. We finally had some money to take it in to get it fixed. My husband was having constant crashes, things would freeze constantly, lines would appear on the screen, and games would not work or cause the system to blue screen crash.

We took it into 3000 rpm hoping that they could do something about it. I was already a bit skeptical as to if they did anything remotely to it at all the fact that 1) they only charged us £15 for fixing it completely
2) they called very quickly within a day of getting the computer to pick it back up.
Mind you, i normally don't complain about only losing out on £15, but money is money.
It was stated on our reciept there had been apparently a corrupted driver, so it had been deleted and reinstalled.

I don't know if that was the case or not, and I can definitely tell that after they had installed the driver, they either didn't check it numerous times, or just saw the windows screen come up fine and just assumed things were alright.

We started up the PC and instantly was getting lines on the screen again, and the computer was constantly crashing and blue screen crashing. Obviously they didn't attempt to either fix it, which is why they charged us such a low fee, or they didn't test it enough to see what exactly was wrong with it.

Either way, I was highly disappointed with them, and do not see myself or my husband giving them any of our business again.
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bought used laptop for £160 took it home and only worked when plugged in to socket. Read terms and had no come back but would have expected to be told this when buying felt conned and would not advise using them
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Bad customer Service and poor service

I phoned the company on Tuesday just passed: 05/03/2013.

I spoke with an employee about my laptop, explained that it had been knocked to the floor and the screen cracked, also explained i needed a quote to go through the insurance. He told me there would be a £5 charge to find out what was wrong with it. Which i pointed out i knew what was wrong with it, a cracked screen, and that i was using it externally on the telly. He told me, after some consultation, that the £5 fee didn't matter then just pop it in and a quote could be given. I said that was great and planned on popping by later in the week.

So far so good.

I drove 25 miles from fife to the shop, past many other companies, to the shop.

I found it closed at 6.30pm with no information on where the other part of the shop was, but a statement saying the other half of the shop was open.

I decided to call the phone number and waited on the shops repair centre line (this told me it was open till 8pm and the repair centre was 300m away from the shop) i spent a good 5-10 minutes on hold, and eventually the automated system told me that "customer service is their top priority! leave a number and a short message and we will get back to you" Pretty useless when im standing in the cold trying to find out where the other part was.

We popped into a local pub and i asked for directions, having gotten these we eventually found the centre.

I waited behind another chap for a few minutes then explained the predcament again to the young fella behind the counter, having showed him the damage an explained i just needed a quote, he went to ask about this to another employee.

When he came back he informed me that i needed to book it in, and that it would cost £30 to diagnose the issue.

I immediately informed him that i didn't want to leave it as thats the charge that PC world charge and at least there i know they are professional.

I personally cannot believe a company i have recommended so much to other people (i am seen as the IT guy in the family - they have had a lot of business come from me) is being so bloody cowboy like.

A cracked screen... Kinda obvious whats wrong. It works when i don't use the screen....

You want £30 to tell me i need a new screen... Very unprofessional, very poor.

I shall never recommend this company to any of my friends and family or professionally, and i will never be a customer.

I hope the shop understands that i would be reimbursed the diagnosis fee, but i resent driving a 50 mile round trip on the premise of a free quote to be so offended that i vow never to give any money to this company, ever.

So the few hundred quid that i would have been paying for a new screen, it can go to someone more professional and much better customer service.

Don't use this company...
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