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3 Large 12" Pizza's for £10! 100% Fresh Dough

Pizza in a box represents the most effective placement of a circle within a square since NASA attempted to encase the moon with a giant ice cube. Enjoy edible geometric feats with an order today.

3 For 10 Pizza has been decorating dough canvases with flavourful sauces, an assortment of delectably gooey cheeses and high quality toppings that range from classic to unconventional for many years. The dough is tossed daily and stretched by human hands, not by clumsy model aeroplanes flying in opposite directions meaning pizzas are made to order. 3 For 10 Pizza offer free delivery for those lucky enough to live within a 2 mile radius of LE1 2JU, with a charge of £1 for every mile thereafter, but those who prefer a nice walk to stave away the hunger pangs, can opt for collection from their Syston Street West dough base.

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let me begin, i fully appreciate that a eatery selling 3 pizza's for a tenner is never going to be Michelin stars, but i was expecting something half edible, on a recommendation of dean and his g/f who eats here twice a week i thought lets give it a go. omg i wish i hadnt. i ordered a simple chicken pizza whilst a my colleague had a meat and vegi one. we had side of chicken wing which looked and smelt like something from whetstone tip! imagine eating a swamp rat that has decayed for a year and you might be close! now comes the pizza or damp cardboard as it is now known. in my entire life i have never tasted something as bad. was it meat i dont know was it dough again who knows? the only enjoyable thing about this place is the relief i got 8 mins after eating 2 slices when i was sat on toilet firing red hot volanic napalm from my rear! for over 40 minutes i was medically dead as you could hang me on the back of the door! it has been over 24hrs i am still scared to eat anything!
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Will not order from there again.

Quick service, they delivered within the hour and a good price of 3 pizza's for £10. BUT.....the pizza's are poor in terms of taste. The base tastes a bit "plastic". If you have no taste buds and/or are drunk, the food will be ok for you. You're better off paying that little bit extra to get 2 pizza's for £10 at other places or even better stick to Pizza Hut / Pappa Johns.
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The cheese tasted gone off and the margarita pizza tasted spicy for some reason, ate two slices and almost threw up. AVOID!!
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what a waste of money and service

i have placed an order yyesterday and i had ordered before the guy took £1 more of me and had no change but when i told the driver yesterday he said that i neve told it was the big man and he was really rude and he was also shouting at me and never using this place again and what a waste of money and service
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The chicken pizza came with gone off, awful tasting chicken. When we rang them to complain, they sent the driver to taste it who obviously insisted nothing was wrong. We then asked them to take it away and recieved a very very rude phonecall explaining that theres nothing wrong with the chicken and theres nothing they can do...oh, and advice to call back the next day if we want to speak to the manager if want our money back! ...the conversation ended with them making fun of my husbands ethnicity! Shameful! ! Rude! And crap food!
18 Jun 2015
Sounds nothing like 3for10 pizza!
We have been ordering with them for 4 yrs now and a manager when asked for always comes to phone.
Why would they make fun of your ethnicity? That's just daft.
Pizza issues or problems I understand happen, have happen with me but replaced straight away or on next order. Happens with any company.
Send a driver to taste it!!! Come on.......when is a driver an expert in food? Who does that! Write something believable!
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