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Wish I'd gone elsewhere

I put my 15 month old in here in a hurry when the nursery I wanted (Cherry Tree - Castlemilk) was full and I was desparate. I'd heard nothing about it and it was only for two days a week.

My first impression was that the baby room was tiny, cold and dull. I had no idea that for over £36 a day for a baby I would have to prepare a packed lunch too! Even then I wasn't sure that he was really being fed it all.

My trust was broken on his very first day when I went to pick him up and I noticed he was very lethargic. I got him and he drank 9oz of water and a further 5oz of cows milk. His fontanelle was dipped in suggesting dehydration. I firmly believe if I had left him in longer he would have become unwell.

In addition to this my son suffers from napkin rash when he is teething. On induction to the nursery I filled out all manner of useless forms but I did fill in a form about nappy cream and handed in a 125g tub of cream to be applied liberally after each nappy change. I do this at home and find that it treats the rash well and prevents it spreading. When I picked my son up and got him home I found that his bottom was red raw and bleeding. Apparently it's policy to change the babies at breakfast, lunch and dinner time. I came in the next day trying not to lose my temper with the young inexperienced staff members, determined to give them the benefit of the doubt. I informed them that a 125g tub in my house usually lasts 5 days when my son is teething and I'm willing to buy more if they apply it lots of it- to keep him out of pain and deal with the rash. It's like talking to a wall...they still haven't used it!

Then there is the curious incident of the baby being sent into the cold without a coat. A person I've named to pick up my son went to get him for the first time, she had a taxi waiting and was in a hurry. The staff held onto him and when asked to hand him over quickly threw his BAG at her and seemed offended that they couldn't give a verbal hand-over. The temperature outside was freezing, if my son wasn't getting into a taxi he would have ended up ill. And he was without his coat the whole weekend. I called the manager to complain and was told that my poor friend was to blame, although the staff did not give the coat back - (which they normally give to me) and did not apologise for the inconvenience. She was rude and told me that she was not responsible for my son although he was still in the building and was quite happy to send him out into the cold without appropriate clothing and within contracted hours. The person who picked him up was also not listed as an emergency contact and was in the nursery for the first time. The staff also always take the jackets and bags from the parents on the way in.

I am furious that I have had to explain the fundamentals of fluid balance to a supposed child care professional, and that applying nappy cream is too complicated. I'm upset that a manager believes that a child in the building in contracted hours is not her responsibility. I am not sorry that I have given notice and have successfully enrolled my child in a fantastic nursery that my daughter attended from the same age until she was 3.
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